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Scent: The depth of aroma is achieved through a wealth of spices. Sweetness of citruses combined with a pinch of ginger and cinnamon, black pepper in a spicy and woody setting, complemented by fresh notes of cypresses, patchouli and cedar wood - this is the fullness of distinctive taste. The irresistible symphony of smell was closed in a hand-made bottle with a wooden lid. The jacquard label and aesthetic packaging form a harmonious whole. Touch the luxury. Scented notes: Ginger, orange, bergamot, cinnamon, myrtle, nutmeg, geranium, elemi, black pepper, eugenol, cypress, vetiver, patchouli, cedar wood. Use: Depending on your preferences, you can dose the intensity of the smell by turning bamboo sticks. An empty bottle can be supplemented with the same or new fragrance thanks to complementary liquids available in the offer. The packaging contains a detailed instruction manual. Scent composition: Scent essence 18%; Ethyl alcohol (99% purity) from sugar cane denatured with rosemary oil; Demineralized water 10%;Food coloring 1% (for colored liquids). Additional information: Glass, bamboo sticks and wooden cover are recycled. Due to the high alcohol content the product is flammable. The diffuser is also available in other fragrance versions and capacities. Interesting fact: A diffuser with a capacity of 250ml smells even 3 months.
Delivery time:
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