Hamptons style furniture

Comfort and luxury go along - in other words Hampton Style

In Primavera Home, we appreciate not only the sophistication and elegance but also comfort and minimalism. That is the reason why the Hampton furniture, inspired by the marine resort, appears in our offer. The Hampton style originates from the picturesque, marine surroundings in Hampton town located near New York. It is characterized by the relaxing summer vibe, which at the same time includes elegance and craft typical of glamour style. The Hampton style is dominated by bright and neutral colours together with natural wood, which makes the impression of comfort and minimalism. As we bear in mind the diversity of tastes of the Primavera Home clients, we decided to create the Hampton furniture line that will match perfectly the preferences of those who appreciate minimalism as well as comfort.

Hampton style and the living room - the perfect match

Among the variety of Hampton furniture that we offer in our online store Primavera Home, our Clients can find e.g. chest of drawers, dressers, chairs, a desk, cabinets, tables and a bed. We did our utmost to make sure that every piece of furniture will meet your expectations; in order to do that we selected the best quality materials. These are mango wood, acacia wood and MDF. Every piece of Hampton furniture is handmade and available for order. We put our heart and soul into making every single piece of furniture and we do our best to be able to recreate the Hampton style in your living room, which will win the hearts of the whole household and visitors.
The Hampton-style furniture, ready to be discovered by you in Primavera Home, is truly remarkable. We wanted them to give you, besides comfort, the feeling of real luxury. To be able to do that we decided to go one step further and to mix the Hampton style with something extra. The furniture you will find here is connected with the Provencal and Antique styles. Choose for yourself which fusion you prefer. No matter what you decide, we know that our Hampton furniture is going to amaze you from the very first moment!

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