Primavera Home – the only online furniture store like this, created especially for design and glamour style aficionados

If you are keen on glamour style and designing your desired interior is your biggest dream, you have now found yourself in the most suitable place. Regardless of whether you are now just beginning your journey with interior designing, looking for one piece of furniture or the entire set or maybe have been deeply into glamour interiors for ages, we can already assure you that Primavera Home will offer you all that you need. What makes us so sure about it?
The experience of our experts, the artistry and good taste of our designers, everyday conscientiousness and precision of our craft masters and the endless imagination of our Customers make a powerful combination of all the elements that make Primavera Home what it indeed is: the exclusive store with glamour furniture in which the voice of the Customer is always a priority.

Glamour furniture in Primavera Home – beauty and elegance equal to durability and the highest quality

The Primavera Home specialists are never satisfied with a merely good or correct product. Instead, all of the goods we offer need to have something in them; something you will find nowhere else. That ‘something’ is a fusion of an extremely artistic style basing on good taste and sophistication, combined with the mastery care of every detail, as well as solid workmanship. Only after meeting all the requirements that we set for ourselves can we be sure that the furniture we pass to your hands will never fail you. What is more, it will be persistently serving all the best qualities, bewildering the home dwellers and all your guests with its beauty and usefulness day by day regardless of how intensively you will be utilising it. We want to pronounce it because all our furniture is made of painstakingly selected fabrics and materials of the finest quality. In Primavera Home, there is absolutely no space for half-measures. The only thing we are interested in is the top quality and a painstaking approach to the work we constantly perform for you. When we see the sparkle in the eye of our Customers and the sheer smiles on their faces, we know that our job is well-done, never otherwise.

Custom-made glamour furniture - the answer to the most requiring needs

In Primavera Home, we are always ready to embark on all the ideas you might have, regardless of what you dream about. Being experienced in that market, we know that imagination is limitless, and the pictures it might prompt can be hauntingly beautiful. For that very reason in our online furniture store we also produce custom-made goods. In such cases, it is you to dictate how your dream furniture should look. We are there to make this dream come true, taking advantage of our experience and diligence to morph your fantasy into a reality that you can touch and assess.

Primavera Home – each room has potential to be glamorous

We strongly believe that each and every room in your house or apartment offers immense potential. The only thing you need to do is to notice those possibilities and let your imagination guide you. Then, you will discover the plenitude of limitless opportunities, and you will have to take that path. A fascinating glamour living room full of fantastic, eye-catching decorations and graced with an elegant tapestry full of aesthetics? Amazing glamour bathroom full of luminosity and decorated with accessories you would never expect to be this beautiful? Romantic bedroom as a place of a meeting between classic and modern styles where the central point is an alluring, exclusively decorated bed? A functional study, so much needed in the bustle of everyday life, where you can simply close the door and sit down in your favourite glamour armchair, switch on a decorative lamp and then focus on all the tasks waiting for you to go through them in relaxation and pleasure? All these dreamy views are there for you to reach and touch in Primavera Home.

Primavera Home – the bounty of styles with no limits at all

Primavera Home is our definition of love for glamour style and we have to admit it. It is what we specialize in and our passion at once. Knowing the glamour style so well, we dare to mix it with other styles as well as we know how fascinating combinations such brave ideas give. For this reason, in our furniture shop, you will discover the whole gamut of out of the box inspirations. In Primavera Home, you will explore furniture in styles such as New York, Italian, French, antique, classic, modern, art deco and Hampton. Sometimes base the idea for a given piece of furniture on only one stay; sometimes we mix them with expert’s agility and sophistication. The outcome is always a great success and a breathtaking effect.

Visit us in-store in our Showroom based in Warsaw

Primavera Home is available not only online. Apart from the website, we also run a Showroom in Warsaw, based at 23B Kłobucka Street. That place makes a sheer definition of an oasis of calm and a heavenly place for all glamour style lovers. In the Showroom, you will be able to see all our furniture with your own eyes and touch every piece of it. Come and visit us to view our light-reflecting metal and mirror furniture, spectacular chandeliers, unique lamps and fascinating accessories. Here, you will be able to touch all the fabrics and lie back in our comfortable armchairs and sofas. However, there is something you need to get warned about! If you visit us only once, you will be coming back to us, drawn by some magical power.

Primavera’s experts are always here to help you

If there are any questions that came to your mind while shopping online or in-store, please do not hesitate to ask our experts for help. They are always there, ready to assist you and share all their knowledge. On the Contact page, you will find the names of our specialists, together with their phone numbers and email addresses. We guarantee that they will always do their best to answer all your questions with a satisfying piece of information and resolve all your doubts.

Join us in the fascinating journey through the magical world of luxury glamour furniture.