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Additional decorations

Modern decorations for a living room full of class and good taste

Small items can make a big difference! Although they usually do not stand in the centre of attention, they are equally crucial as furniture, reflecting the style and character of the apartment’s owners. In Primavera Home, an online furniture shop, you will discover various luxury home accessories that will discreetly and effectively accentuate the elegance of your house or apartment.
Our glam home decorations will look perfect in any room, whether a living room, bedroom, kitchen, or even a bathroom. They are so versatile that you can use them wherever you want, and their exceptionally chic design will beautify any of your rooms, making them look unique.

Luxury accessories in the glam style from Primavera Home

In Primavera Home online furniture store, you will discover many exclusive home decorations that you can place in different rooms, especially in the living room.
You need to discover our exceptionally soft-to-the-touch, silky-smooth cushions available in three colours: powder pink, black and grey. On the front side, there is also silver or gold embroidering. Our modern cushions will perfectly match the décor of your living room or bedroom, making the resting time pleasurable like never before.
Among our luxury home decorations, you should also pay attention to the Enea wall clock, which is available in two variants: gold and silver. The unconventional design of these wall clocks resembles the sun or a flower. The Enea clocks are made of metal and glass, and for this reason, they spectacularly reflect the light and illuminate the space all around. The simple, minimalistic face of the clock tastefully combines with the fantastic shape of the frame. 
Other modern decorations available for you in Primavera Home are, among others, elegant containers made of metal or precious ceramics. We created them for practical purposes but combined their functionality with outstanding design, thanks to which they will perfectly match the décor of a glam-style room.
In Primavera Home, you will also find a minimalistic photo frame, offering a timeless combination of white and silver. Its classic form makes it a perfect choice for any room without exceptions. You can compose it with any other decorations and pieces of furniture, and it will always look perfectly matching and flawless.
Our modern decorations also include unusual items, such as a ceramic dog moneybox and a stunning snowball. With these accessories, your glamorous interior will gain a new character full of magic, charm and cosiness."