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Wall lights

Luxury wall lights – a small decoration, a huge impression

Among all other tasks, arranging an elegant interior in the glam style also requires selecting appropriate, chic lighting. Although the attention of most guests is usually drawn by lamps and chandeliers having greater sizes, we should never omit tinier elements of lighting because they can discreetly make a huge impression, spectacularly illuminating the whole interior. One of such phenomenal elements of glamorous lighting is a luxury wall light, which, when selected appropriately, can give a room, bathroom or hallway a truly luxurious character.
A luxury wall light is characterised by a smaller size than the above-mentioned lamps and chandeliers. Therefore, it is especially complementary in all those places where we want to evoke a cosy and warm atmosphere. Its soft, gentle light makes a room look extraordinarily atmospheric and invite everyone to spend there some more time. To put it simply, if you wish to have an elegant and cosy interior and you love taking care of details, then your apartment cannot miss decorative wall lamps.

Glam wall lamps for the fans of chic and style

In Primavera Home online furniture store, we present our exceptionally wide offer for glamorous wall lamps. Here, you will find various forms, shapes, sizes and colours. Thanks to this diversity and a wide range of choices, you are sure to find with us your perfect lighting. 
The experts of Primavera Home approach the process of designing luxury wall lights with exceptional creativity and imagination. As a result, they have created several elegant lighting in the colour of gold and silver. Those fond of silver and crystals will be charmed by glam wall lights like Maria Teresa and Madonna. The first one stands out for its sophisticated, nearly palace-like style. Its fancy shape combines with an elegant shade of silver and eye-catching, shimmering crystals. All the elements synergised and produce an effect that brings to mind style, chic and luxury. The same can be said about the Madonna luxury wall light, which is available in two versions. Its majestic form magnetises and fascinates, and its design is hard to compare with anything else. 
Just like our Clients, we also love the colour of gold. Knowing how wonderful this shade presents with crystal elements, we have designed glamorous wall lamps such as Majestic, Empire and Monaco. With these spectacular wall lights, all the people who spend their time in a place illuminated by these lights will feel like nowhere else.

Simplicity and class – a luxury wall light in a minimalistic version

Although the glam style gains more and more fans year after year, not all of them are keen on maximalism and extremely luxurious forms. For many people, minimalism and simplicity are the best choices, for which they reach whenever they could. Bearing all these Clients in mind, we have designed modern wall lights such as Zepfir, Carlotta and Ron. They are all unique yet share some features. They all have classic shades in bright colours and a base in the colour of silver. You will be easily able to match them with all the pieces of your furniture and glam-style accessories, achieving a subtle classic interior effect.

1499.00 PLN
1499.00 PLN
Jonas LL nickel-plated silver wall lamp
48 H
Save 27%
219.00 PLN
299.00 PLN
Lamp Wall Emperor
48 H
Save 18%
1190.00 PLN
1450.00 PLN
799.00 PLN
New York Glamour Cinema Madonna C
48 H
Save 61%
350.00 PLN
899.00 PLN
2199.00 PLN
999.00 PLN
1750.00 PLN
319.00 PLN
369.00 PLN
549.00 PLN
549.00 PLN
1309.00 PLN
769.00 PLN
1079.00 PLN
1319.00 PLN
2309.00 PLN
2089.00 PLN
2089.00 PLN
2089.00 PLN
999.00 PLN
949.00 PLN