Bathroom furniture

Luxury bathroom accessories full of elegance and chic

The glamour style is distinguishable for its elegant character, unique design and high-quality materials. All these features regard not only furniture, lighting or rugs – they also apply to all accessories and decorations designed to be a part of this luxurious décor style.
If you want all the rooms in your glamour apartment to make an equally big impression on whoever visits you, you need to discover our luxury bathroom accessories that we created especially for elegant interiors, arranged with the utmost care for the tiniest details. Our luxurious accessories will prove that while designing your glam space, you paid a lot of care to all, even the smallest elements of your unique interior.

Modern bathroom accessories by Primavera Home

In online furniture shop, Primavera Home, we offer unique and exceptionally elegant bathroom accessories that you will recognise by high level of chic and good taste.
The luxury bathroom accessories that you will explore in Primavera Home include soap dispensers, containers for cotton pads and toothbrushes, soap dishes and toilet brushes. They are made of ceramics and adorned with a quilting-like pattern. You will find them available in three timeless, basic colour variants. Thanks to the selection of classic shades, these accessories will perfectly match any glamour bathroom. At the same time, they will subtly decorate the space, not distracting the attention from more important, essential elements of the bathroom décor.
The first model are luxury bathroom accessories made of white ceramics and embellished with metal, classically silver elements. The second variant is ceramics in a subtle, warm beige shade, combined with metal elements in the iconic colour of gold. The last option is classic, deep black, combined into a perfect duo with silver parts.
The luxury bathroom accessories by Primavera Home look stunning on their own, but to double the effect you can compose them as a set. In this way, you will effortlessly achieve a well-designed, perfectly organised look of your interior. With the three colour variants, you will easily create your unique set of bathroom accessories with the finest quality and sheer elegance."

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