Luxury plant pots – a subtle and delicate element in the world of maximalism

One of the most typical characteristics of the glamour style is maximalism. There is no space for excessive simplicity or minimalism in this style, and the most important goal is a luxurious and exquisite effect. However, sometimes we sneak here some simple, neutral elements and, to maintain balance, we choose decorative items whose purpose is adding a little subtlety to the décor. Thanks to these accessories, the final effect seems much more complex and sophisticated.
One of such accessories perfect for any elegant glam-style interior is luxury flower pots. These discreet items make the space appear more subtle and toned. Flower pots in neutral, classic colour will perfectly complement the interior and match all other decorative elements.

Plant pots in Primavera Home – elegance and classic at once

The ceramic flower pots offered in Primavera Home online furniture store are available in classic colours, such as white, black and silver. We designed them to work as a beautiful addition to your décor, whose main purpose is the discreet adornment of the space. Therefore, we selected neutral colours that match any interior with no exceptions at all.
Our glamorous flower pots are also available with various patterns. Some of them are embellished with a subtle quilt-like one, thanks to which they perfectly match our quilted furniture. Other plant pots by Primavera Home offer classic, minimalistic style and a completely plain surface. It is for you to choose the colour and design of your favourite. The combinations are many. We are sure you will find something of your taste in our online furniture store.

A small flower pot on a bedside table or a big plant pot in the hallway?

We designed most of our luxury flower pots to fit in rooms such as the living room, bedroom or kitchen. They are available in various sizes, so you will certainly find with us the one that you are looking for. Small flower pots will look great in rooms such as the dining room or the sitting room. You can place them on a TV table, coffee table or console table, adding your favourite photo frames or elegant candle holders. They will make perfect duos!
If, in turn, you are searching for a big plant pot to put in the hallway, we also have something special for you. The Rose luxury plant pot made of steel is available in two variants: silver and black. It will perfectly present itself in spots such as the hallway, stunning all newcomers with its impressive size and shiny surface.