Glam ceiling lights – a palace-like style in your house

Among all the types of lighting available on the market, there is one that stands out for its chic and elegance. It is a plafond, which provides all rooms with luxurious, nearly palace-like character. This exceptionally fancy kind of lighting always makes a huge impression, leaving no one indifferent. All the modern ceiling lights available at Primavera Home stun with their uniquely chic design and neat craft. Each of our plafonds is one of its kind and stands out from others. When designing them, we always use all our creativity, imagination and passion, thanks to which all our glam ceiling lights look spectacular. Enter the world of crystal and steel lightings, like from the most exquisite palace, a Hollywood movie or the wealthiest cruise ship. You will be delighted; we are sure of that!

Crystal ceiling lights – a bounty of possibilities

At Primavera Home, we are deeply in love with crystal plafonds, and we do our best to share this admiration with our Clients. Each of our glass ceiling lights is unique, and, therefore, we are simply unable to choose our favourite one. Nevertheless, we truly believe that you will be able to make such a choice, after finding with us the plafond for which you have been looking for ages. The bounty of forms and shapes that we offer will certainly win your heart.  We also have a lot to offer for all the fans of gold and silver. In our online furniture store, you will also find both classic and fancier plafonds. Whatever it is that you dream of, we will do our best to provide you with it. The only thing you will need to do is make a satisfying choice.

Glamorous plafonds made of metal – unconventional element of your elegant interior

If you are keen on unconventional solutions and mixing elegance with a little bit of surprise is something of your taste, you need to discover our metal plafonds. Their irreplaceable forms perfectly complement an elegant living room, adding a little fantasy and unconventionality, as well as a hint of modernity. The metal ceiling lights available in Primavera Home is offered in two colour versions: gold and silver. We have made them with top-quality materials, so you can fully trust them. What is also worth mentioning is that for the Ponsacco collection we used a LED mode, thanks to which the lamps are highly energy-saving.