A luxury bed as a place for rest and relaxation

A bedroom is a place that we associate with our free time, full of rest, regeneration and relaxation. This is where we can recharge our batteries and get new energy for the upcoming day and all the challenges it will bring for us to face. For all these reasons, it is a great idea to pay special attention to the design of the bedroom so that it reflects the character and personality of its owners. If you are fond of elegance and want your space to appear exceptionally beautiful, choose the glamour style for your bedroom. The glam style will give you a wide choice, and choosing well-balanced colours and high-quality materials will be foolproof to produce the Wow effect.

The diversity in styles and possibilities in the glamorous bedroom

The glam style perfectly matches other designs whose characteristics are elegance and impeccable aesthetics. Combining the glamour style with others always produces a remarkable effect, catching the eye and making a lasting impression. These combinations also enrich the design and let its owners smuggle some elements that express their unique character.
In Primavera Home, we love playing with design, and we are not afraid to think outside the box. Mixing two things that might seem to come from two different worlds is our genuine passion! Because of that, our offer of luxury beds is full of classic, elegant furniture, as well as those in which two separate styles meet and synergise.
For the fans of the New York style, our experts prepared modern beds such as Spectre and Adele, which bring to mind comfort and the convenience of life characteristic for this most famous city in the world.
The aficionados of the classic English taste will be charmed by our luxury beds in the Chesterfield style, such as Modern and Vision, whose neat aesthetics is enriched with eye-catching quilting.
We have also prepared something special for all those who love the relaxing, summery style like in France itself. Those will certainly fall in love with the Bristol luxury bed, made from mango wood.

Luxury bed in the centre of your bedroom

The luxury beds available at Primavera Home perfectly match other elements of the elegant glam style. It is a great idea to put some decorative items just next to your bed. Some examples might be beautiful bedside tables that ideally complement the bedroom interior. Placing chic pouffes and seats next to your modern bed is also worth considering as they emphasise the comfort of the space. Above the luxury bed, you can hang your favourite glamorous painting or photo in a mirrored frame to express your personality and character.

Luxury bed for the fans of decorations

Although the classic style and timeless elegance is something we absolutely adore, in Primavera Home, we also appreciate a creative approach to the design of furniture. Therefore, in our online furniture store, you will find luxury beds full of decorative elements that make a stunning impression. One of the embellishing elements that we use to decorate our modern beds are upholstery nails that we selected to beautify the Gianna bed. The remarkable blue colour of the bedhead and the decorative nails produce an exquisite effect that will hypnotise all the fans of unusual designs.
We are also aware of how much great potential there is hidden in fabrics. For this reason, when we were designing the Julia luxury bed, we decided to go for a truly unusual composition of the material that brings to mind a palace-like style and a true luxury.

Quilting and pleating can also work as embellishments. The proofs for that are our Sun and Chic luxury beds. Sun is a glam-style bed adorned with extraordinary quilting that reminds the rays of the sun. Chic, in turn, is made of beechwood, and its bedhead is covered with outstanding pleating."

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