Pictures with mirrored frames

Modern mirrored wall art in an extremely luxurious style

The furniture and lighting are not the only important elements of each living room and bedroom. Accessories and decorations also play a significant role, discreetly reflecting the character of the apartment’s owners, telling more than they would probably like to reveal.
One of the most excellent ideas to adorn an elegant, glam-style room is choosing the mirrored pictures available at Primavera Home. Thanks to their impressive sizes and breathtakingly shiny, mirrored frames, they illuminate the space, giving it a spectacular shine. Exceptional prints bring to mind the luxury and chic of the most famous fashion brands, for whom elegance has always been the middle name. The tasteful combination of mirrored frames and unique pictures makes each room look exceptionally luxurious.
Our pictures with mirrored frames look stunning in apartments with elegant, modern, New York and Parisian styles.

Luxurious mirrored pictures together with other elegant accessories

The modern pictures with mirrored frames that you will discover in Primavera Home, an online furniture shop, stun everyone with their unique designs. However, to double that effect, you can also place some other glamorous accessories near them, and then you will achieve the master level of elegance. If so, what decorations will look best placed near our mirrored pictures?
Because of their big sizes, our pictures look most spectacular in the living room or bedroom. They present themselves fabulously when hung on the walls decorated with our luxurious wallpapers in bright, classic colours and adorned with subtle patterns. Because of that combination, our glamorous wallpapers make a beautiful, classy background for the mirrored pictures, on which they play the first role, drawing attention and inspiring everyone.
Our luxurious mirrored wall art perfectly matches glam-style console tables from Primavera Home, especially the high gloss ones. Together, they stunningly illuminate spaces like the living room or bedroom. Taking a step further, you can also place there a glamour table or floor lamp. In the evening, the mirrored picture, console table and lamp will miraculously brighten up the entire space.
If you love playing with glamorous interior design, try to compose all the elements mentioned above with glass candlesticks and ceramic pots filled with flowers of a matching colour.