Mirrored furniture

Mirrored furniture in the glam and modern styles

When we want to add a little bit of shine to the interior, we usually focus on beautiful lighting. However, there are more ways to achieve an exceptionally shiny effect. One of these solutions is choosing mirrored furniture that spectacularly brighten the room. Mirrored furniture also makes the room seem more spacious, giving a great opportunity to combine the glam style with classic elements all at once. Mirrored furniture makes an excellent choice for all fans of glamorous interiors and the modern style who love unusual and eye-catching solutions.

Mirrored console table in the living room, bedroom or hallway

The Primavera Home furniture store offers a great variety of mirrored furniture, and one of them is a mirrored console table. Choose it if you desire to achieve a luxurious and exclusive interior style and want to make a powerful impression on everyone who will visit you in your glamorous house or apartment. The mirrored console tables available in Primavera Home promise a bounty of shapes and colours, starting from the distinctive black colour, through golden and silver embellishments to the pristine white colour. Sophisticated combinations of shades, materials and shapes impress and delight, bringing real luxury to mind. A mirrored console table will look spectacular in the living room, bedroom or hallway.

Mirrored bedside table – a beautiful and practical piece of furniture

The next piece of mirrored furniture that you can discover in Primavera Home is a mirrored bedside table. If there is anyone who believes that it can only offer its functionality is deeply mistaken. Mirrored bedside tables have much more to promise! They are exceptionally elegant and give a room a highly luxurious character, full of exclusivity.

Mirrored coffee tables and dressers as an important element of the definition of the glam style

The mirrored finish makes a huge impression also when it comes to coffee tables and dressers. Both of them are functional and offer us their best qualities every single day. Thanks to the neat craft and the selection of the best materials done by the experts of Primavera Home, these pieces of furniture offer high reliability and satisfaction. However, mirrored coffee tables and dressers have much more to offer. Their elegant look full of chic and aesthetics synergise to produce a spectacular effect. They effectively beautify a glam living room, delivering outstanding elegance.

Geometric mirrors and mirrored clocks prove that decorations can make a difference

Elegance and chic can be achieved not only with well-selected furniture. Luxury decorations can also produce such an effect! Explore the geometric mirrors and mirrored clocks offered in Primavera Home to get delighted with their unusual forms and shapes juxtaposed with classic, neutral colours. With these decorations, you can rest assured to make a wow effect on everyone who visits your interior.

2799.00 PLN
3999.00 PLN
Lustro dekoracyjne w stylu nowojorskim glamour LUSTRO W LUSTRZANEJ RAMIE
Save 29%
1199.00 PLN
Rozmiar:: 100 x 80 cm, 120 x 80 cm
1699.00 PLN
2200.00 PLN
1799.00 PLN
1599.00 PLN
1599.00 PLN
2200.00 PLN
6099.00 PLN
PAOLA 4 SILVER modern diamond Mirror wall clock 50x50
48 H
Save 17%
999.00 PLN
1200.00 PLN
New York style glamour silver PRINCESSA decorative mirror
48 H
Save 40%
899.00 PLN
1499.00 PLN
New York style decorative glamour square mirror Crystal
Save 12%
1499.00 PLN
1699.00 PLN
2999.00 PLN