Luxury candles from Primavera Home – a small accessory, a spectacular effect

In Primavera Home, we know that a glamorous interior is defined not only by beautiful furniture, breath-taking chandeliers and chic, soft-to-the-touch sofas. In this exceptionally elegant style, every single element is crucial, whether it is a huge and amazingly sparkling hanging lamp or tiny accessories. The last ones, although small and not always at first easy to notice, discreetly decorate the space stunning with chic designs, timeless colours and neat craft thoroughly refined in every inch.
For all the reasons mentioned above, in our online furniture store, there are many accessories available for you, among which you will find elegant glam-style candles. They are available in timeless colours: dark red, black and white. We selected these classic tones because we wanted our candles to perfectly match any elegant décor, whether in the living room, bedroom or dining room.
Our red and black candles offer smooth, polished surfaces, whereas the white ones are additionally embellished with a delicate flowery pattern. Each of our luxury candles is also decorated with a shiny, silver circle, which accentuates their exquisite character. What is more, our luxury candles are available in several different sizes, so you can easily choose your favourite one that will ideally match your living room, bedroom or dining room.

Glamorous candles together with other elegant accessories

The elegant candles by Primavera Home are a beautiful and chic addition that reflects the great taste of the apartment’s owners and proves that they pay attention to all the details of the design. 
Our luxury candles look stunning on their own. However, if you want to experiment a little, you can place them next to other decorations and accessories to double the beautiful effect.
The first idea is to match our luxury candles with the glass candle holders offered to you in Primavera Home. Explore them now, and find your perfect combination!
Apart from the candle and candlestick duo, you can also check how they look placed on a glam console table. Most of the ones offered by us in Primavera Home are polished to a high gloss, which guarantees a spectacular effect when combined with our shiny candle holders. Next to them, you can also put an elegant table lamp, whose shimmering glow will impressively reflect on the glass surface of the candlesticks. Our luxury candles look beautiful also together with the ceramic flower pots. When put together, all these luxurious accessories by Primavera Home synergise, producing a warm and cosy atmosphere in your elegant interior."