Floor lamps

Luxury floor lamp that illuminates the space

One of the foolproof methods to make the space present more elegant and cosier is adorning it with a glam standing lamp. Thanks to this element of lighting every bedroom and living room shine to their fullest, gaining a secluded, cosy atmosphere all at once.
In Primavera Home online furniture shop, you will discover unique modern floor lamps made by hand with passion. Because of their irreplaceable design, these luxury standing lamps perfectly complement all glam-style projects, emphasizing their elegant characters. They also effectively illuminate the space, thanks to which all the most beautiful elements shine like never before. The light produced by our luxury floor lamps brightens all high-gloss furniture, mirrors and shiny accessories, also perfectly matching our console tables.

Trio – a glam floor lamp that combines simplicity and elegance

In Primavera Home online furniture store, you will discover the Trio glam standing lamp, which compromises an exclusive design with classic chic. The designers cleverly combined a simple, long base with three differently-sized crystal spheres. As a result, they created a glam floor lamp whose aesthetics and subtle elegance discreetly beautify and decorate the space. The Trio modern floor lamp is available in two colours: golden and silver.

Trinity, spectacularly combining metal and crystal

All those charmed by the Trio lamp will also fall in love with Trinity, our next luxury floor lamp. Its style is similar to Trio’s, but the design seems a little different. This time, instead of crystal spheres, the designers decided to decorate the lamp with a long-shaped crystal resembling a diamond or a sparkling icicle. This unconventional decorative element provides a hint of luxury and distinction. This glam floor lamp is also available in two variants: golden and silver.

Paris – the lamp you have to see with your own eyes

Paris is yet another luxury floor lamp that we want to present you with alongside Trio and Trinity. This one is made of natural feathers creating a unique lampshade, combined with a base resembling a tree trunk in the colour of antique gold. The Paris luxury floor lamp is available in three variants: white, beige and coral-coloured. It was designed especially for all those who enjoy decorating their apartments with unconventional items that, once seen, are impossible to erase from the memory.