Glam luxury chandeliers of the finest quality in your interior

What would be a beautifully arranged, well-thought-through interior organised with the utmost care for all the details without proper lighting? This is indeed what allows the interior to shine to its fullest so that all the elements are easily noticeable. The fundamental part of good lighting is an elegant modern chandelier, perfectly matched to the interior it is supposed to brighten.
If you are now searching for a perfect luxury chandelier, at Primavera Home, you are sure to discover exactly what you have always been dreaming of and wanted to find and acquire. Looking at the attractive offer of luxury chandeliers available at Primavera Home, you will redefine what the glam style means for you. In our definition, a luxury chandelier should fascinate with an exceptionally outstanding design hard to find anywhere else, and, at the same time, serve its practicality every day for years to come, thank the top quality materials. Among the ones we have selected for our luxury chandeliers, you will explore stainless steel, crystal glass, metal, natural feathers and high-quality fabrics. To this recipe for success, we also add being hand-made and the precision of our experts who care about all tiny details to the highest extend. Such a combination is impossible to fail you at all.

Crystal chandelier as a definition of luxury and elegance

The luxury chandeliers available at Primavera Home are full of elegance and sophistication. If you are fond of crystal chandeliers made of crystal glass combined with spectacular golden and silver elements, you are sure to fall in love with our Monaco and Glamour models. They both have a form of hanging lamps characterised by spectacular shapes and eye-catching sizes, thanks to with they will perfectly complement the glam style, full of elegance and chic.
For those who admire the palace-like style, we have designed glamorous plafonds. The bounty of available forms, shapes and colours is our guarantee of your right choice.

The element of surprise in the lighting decorating your glam interior

If mixing the classic style and elegance with an unconventional form is something of your taste, you need to discover the Paris chandelier. This unordinary luxury chandelier will win the hearts of all those fond of ethereal fabrics that embellish the interior truly discreetly, and delicately dance when even a gentle blow of wind appears.
Do you love more distinctive forms that instantly draw attention? Discover the Madonna chandelier, characteristic thanks to its chain elements in the colour of silver that twine the chandelier and fascinate. This luxury chandelier will look perfect as the main element of your interior.
If you want to take a step further, check the Burbank chandelier, bringing the previous centuries to mind. Its unconventional form charms and forces everyone to stop for a while and stare at its unusual form.

The bounty of solutions for the fans of the classic style

In Primavera Home, you appreciate not only the unconventional and full of fantasy solutions. The classic style is also what fascinates us. The classic style lets us create interiors where every element matches the rest, and the timeless style of the place is a recipe for success. What will the classic style fascinate you with at Primavera Home?
At first, you ought to check the Carlotta chandelier. This modern chandelier is made of metal, glass and crystal, which give an exceptionally elegant and unexaggerated appearance. The Carlotta chandeliers will perfectly match any interior in the glam style, regardless of whether they are decorative or minimalistic.
For the fans of the simple classic style, we have prepared the glam Zepfir chandeliers. These luxury chandeliers embellish living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms discreetly, subtly drawing the attention and beautifully reflecting the light.

7499.00 PLN
Size: 60 cm śr; 54 cm wys., 80 cm śr; 61 cm wys.
7499.00 PLN
Size: 60 cm śr; 54 cm wys., 80 cm śr; 61 cm wys.
7999.00 PLN
8999.00 PLN
Glamor chandelier GLAMOR 50 cm crystal round, modern, hanging lamp, gold Lighting
48 H
Save 34%
3099.00 PLN
Color of steel: gold, titanium gold
4699.00 PLN
5899.00 PLN
Crystal chandelier rectangular GLAMOUR 100 silver
48 H
Save 31%
3599.00 PLN
5199.00 PLN
Glamour chandelier MONACO XL
48 H
Save 20%
5499.00 PLN
6849.00 PLN
New York glamour crystal chandelier MARIA TERESA S Lighting
48 H
Save 30%
2309.00 PLN
3298.00 PLN
Stylish lamp chandelier hanging lamp with 8 crystal shades glamor FIORENZO M Lighting
48 H
Save 40%
2999.00 PLN
4999.00 PLN
Elegant stylish lamp chandelier glamor, hamptons style pendant lamp 8 arms ELEGANZA M Lighting
48 H
Save 56%
2399.00 PLN
5499.00 PLN
Elegant stylish lamp chandelier glamor pendant lamp 8 arms ELEGANZA L GOLD Lighting
48 H
Save 52%
2899.00 PLN
5999.00 PLN
Ceiling lamp modern chandelier glamor, hamptons style crystal gold 8 arms ANGELO M Lighting
48 H
Save 65%
1499.00 PLN
4249.00 PLN
Ceiling lamp modern chandelier glamor, hamptons style crystal gold 6 arms ANGELO S Lighting
48 H
Save 66%
1299.00 PLN
3849.00 PLN
8600.00 PLN
799.00 PLN
4200.00 PLN
4200.00 PLN
799.00 PLN
980.00 PLN
2330.00 PLN
1619.00 PLN
2669.00 PLN
3329.00 PLN
3769.00 PLN
Pesaro hanging lamp
4099.00 PLN
5199.00 PLN