Decorative mirror in the glam style – an unobvious way to achieve a breath-taking effect

The glam style is full of elegant decorative elements that perfectly synergise, and thanks to which the interior gains a unique character. In this style, we go for maximalism; the more sophisticated effect, the better. One of the accessories that will help you successfully achieve this kind of décor is a glam mirror, which you can hang in many different places, such as the bedroom, bathroom or hallway. With a luxury mirror, you will not only quickly get ready for the new day in the morning, but also your interior will gain a new, beautiful look.
To begin with, exclusive mirrors spectacularly illuminate the space because the chandeliers and lamps reflecting on its surface seem to be producing twice as much light. What is more, with a decorative mirror, the room also appears much more spacious than it is. It is a simple and proven method for adding more light and space to your interior. However, that is not everything! Not only does a luxury wall mirror highlight what is the most beautiful in the room around, but it also adorns it with its stunning design. The glam mirrors that you will discover in Primavera Home encapsulate all those things that are the most dazzling in mirrors of this kind. Our designers did their utmost working on projects that infallibly win the hearts of all our Customers. How did they achieve that? Let us tell you a bit more about our exquisite wall mirrors!

Luxury mirrors in Primavera Home – the bounty of shapes, forms and colours

The imagination and creativity of our designers know no limits, and you will discover their reflection in the offer of our glam mirrors. Each of them is unique because although we base on classic colours when we mix them with sophisticated shapes and forms, we achieve results that will stun you in the first minute!
For the projects of our decorative mirrors, we have selected colours that never fail, such as deep black, classic white, elegant silver and luxurious gold. These shades look perfect in any room and, thanks to their timeless chic, they present themselves phenomenally without exceptions. We combined these colours with a bounty of shapes. In our offer, you will find glam mirrors shaped into squares, rectangles, octagons and circles. We know that each of our Customers has a different taste than others and, for this reason, we continually work on the diversity in our offer of luxury mirrors, looking for more and more fascinating solutions. Because of the uniqueness of our glam mirrors we are sure that all Customers live our shop fully satisfied.

Simplicity or extravagance?

In Primavera Home, we offer luxury mirrors for everyone! All fans of minimalistic solutions will fall in love with the Vena mirror, characterised by a classic, round shape and a simple, golden frame full of spectacular shine. Those who love more extraordinary items, in turn, will be fascinated by the glamour mirrors such as Elise, Crystal and Dune, whose unusual and sophisticated forms amaze even the most creative fans of the glam style.

Luxury mirrors in perfect combinations with glam-style furniture and accessories from Primavera Home

Our glamour wall mirrors spectacularly adorn the space with their sheer design. However, it is a great idea to take a step further and combine them with elegant pieces of furniture and accessories available in Primavera Home online furniture shop.
If you want to achieve a décor that is characterised by maximum chic and elegance, you should try to hang a glamour mirror next to a chandelier or a lamp whose dazzling shine will reflect on the surface of the mirror, making the space appear even more luminous. The exclusive mirror will present itself more beautifully if you hang it above a console table on which you can also put some beautiful flowers in a ceramic pot or decorative candles on glass candlesticks. Opposite the mirror, you might also hang an exclusive glam clock in a glass frame.
All the luxury mirrors available in Primavera Home also perfectly match the glamorous wallpapers that we offer. Their subtle colours and delicate, sophisticated prints will be an ideal background for gracious mirrors with fascinating shapes.