Mosaic - glass mosaic, gold mosaic

Mounting method Mosaic

Preparation of the surface for the mosaic:

the surface should be smooth and even, and the mosaic should be cleaned of dust and dirt,
the temperature when laying the mosaic should be positive: from 5 to 30 degrees Celsius, for laying the mosaic we use glues based on "white cement" (light-colored, flexible, intended for laying glass mosaics (Kerakoll-Tenax H40, Sopro-Biała 1, Mapei -Budildfix, Atlas Plus white),
in case of using other adhesives, consult the manufacturer of the adhesives to confirm proper use,

we put the mosaic on a thin layer of glue, spread with a comb with a maximum tooth thickness of 3.0 mm. The glue must have the right consistency - it cannot be too thick or too thin. In order to prevent drying out, the surface of the spreading adhesive under the mosaic should not exceed 9 slices.

Laying mosaics on paper

The use of mosaics with assembly paper in conjunction with professional work force, gives very good and lasting effects in the form of perfectly fixed individual mosaic "cubes" in the adhesive mortar.

1. Put the mosaic with the paper on the outside and the rough part to the wall, thoroughly spreading it with a rubber trowel. Keep a space between the slices with the width of the space between the cubes in the slice.

2. After arranging some of the patches, check whether the glue has set.

3. Then - with a sponge - soak the paper with water. After the paper is soaked, remove it at the smallest possible angle.

4. After removing the paper, remove the unnecessary glue between the joints and - if necessary - make corrections. Then we leave the mosaic until the glue dries completely.

Laying a mosaic on a grid

1. Put the mosaic slices on an even surface and on a thin layer of glue, smothering them with a rubber trowel so that the mosaic reaches the glue accurately and evenly.

2. Then remove the unnecessary glue between the cubes, preparing the surface for grouting.


Before grouting, read the recommendations of the grout manufacturer.

Spread the grout with a rubber spatula on an area of no more than 2 m2, after the grout has gently dried, remove any unnecessary remains of it.