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Upholstered furniture

Upholstered furniture of the highest quality in the centre of attention in the glamorous interior

The glam-style interior consists of dozens of elements, but it is the furniture that stays in the centre of attention. Upholstered furniture draws attention and makes a powerful impression, encouraging everyone around to rest for a while and indulge in a carefree moment of relaxation. In Primavera Home, you will discover a bounty of the upholstered furniture that will morph your interior into the oasis of peace and calm, full of luxury and sophistication. In our offer, you will explore several cosy armchairs, elegant sofas and corner settees, unique upholstered dining chairs and reliable, chic upholstered beds. Which one will be most compatible with your taste?

Upholstered dining chairs and armchairs in the glam style that encourage to enjoy a relaxing moment

Among all the upholstered furniture available in Primavera Home, we offer unique upholstered dining chairs made with the most demanding Clients in mind. The experts of Primavera Home did their best to design chairs and armchairs that delight and offer a comfortable moment of relaxation. They invite you to sit down for a second and take a deep breath, enjoying their comfort. The diversity of available forms and shapes is our promise that every Client will find their dreamed piece of furniture in our store. We offer upholstered dining chairs and armchairs in various styles, such as glamour, modern, French and New York. The unique materials and fabrics that we have selected for you promise the best quality. Among these exceptional materials, you will discover beech wood, velour, stainless steel and velvet-like fabric. Each piece of our upholstered furniture delights with unique and versatile colours that perfectly match glamour and modern styles. The shades you will discover in our online furniture store are beige, grey, black, navy blue and blue. We have selected such a wide variety of colours we know that each of Customers has a different taste and we want to do our utmost to offer you the furniture that is highly adjusted to all your needs. Each of the colours we have chosen for our upholstered furniture will perfectly match all the decorations you already have in your glam interior. Additionally, Primavera Home’s experts have designed silver and golden embellishment that decorate our upholstered dining chairs and armchairs. As a result, they look even more chic and classy, but they still stay versatile.

The glamorous upholstered furniture offered in our online Primavera Home store is more than only elegant dining chairs. You will also discover extremely luxurious sofas and beds. Some of these upholstered beds are made to order, especially for the special needs and requirements of some of our Customers.
What will our upholstered beds and sofas delight you with? In the first place, your attention will be drawn by the reliable and neat craft, performed with the use of top-quality materials, such as beech wood, stainless steel and MDF. When we combine them with handwork and the utmost care of the tiniest details, we achieve what we always strive for: the guarantee of your deep satisfaction and our furniture’s infallibility. Our upholstered sofas and beds will entice you to enjoy a moment of blessedly careless relaxation. You will feel even more relaxed when you rest on our extremely comfortable, soft-to-the-touch pillows made of pleasantly smooth fabrics of the finest quality. All these pieces of upholstered furniture made to order are a marvellous choice for the glam and modern styles thanks to the combination of classic, neutral colours. Regardless of whether you are a fan of minimalism or keen on nonchalant style and design, each of our Customers will leave Primavera Home deeply satisfied and inspired. The decision of what you want your desired furniture to look like is yours. Should it be minimalist and classic or unusually embellished with modern quilting and elegant upholstery nails? The choice is yours, and we are there to help you with our best knowledge.

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Modern glamor upholstered sofa DIVA SILVER
48 H
Save 25%
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Chair Glamour VITO upholstered steel modern for dining room black 49x49xh108
48 H
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Upholstered chair modern wooden beige NAPOLI
48 H
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Glamour chair with knockout for dining room New York's modern PRINCE
48 H
Save 12%
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