Visit our Primavera Home Showroom and discover the glamour furniture you will fall in love with

Primavera Home are two unique showrooms where you can discover luxurious furniture collections, both made to order and available immediately. Primavera Home is also an exclusive collection of lighting and accessories that will complement your interior, creating an irreplaceable atmosphere of the interior.

Al.Wilanowska 170, lok.U2,
02-900 Warszawa
+48 570 529 889

ul. Kłobucka 23b, lok. U1
02-699 Warszawa
+48 791 424 997

Sofa Prada DIVA Emporio

It is a unique place where we put all our heart and knowledge into its creation. It employs experts who will be happy to answer any of your questions and tell you how to create a one-of-a-kind, glamor-style interior.

 We are convinced that you will also fall in love with our Showroom with furniture and you will come back to it regularly.

The Showroom and the glamour style - a match made in heaven

If you are in love with our glamour furniture available at Primavera Home and you want to see them in real life, or you have some questions you want to discuss with our experts, it is high time for you to come and visit our Showroom in Warsaw. What can you gain from the visit?
By visiting us in the Showroom, you have the opportunity to take a closer look at the exclusive furniture and touch and feel the materials they are made of. 

Pleasant to the touch and soft carpets, cosy pillows and comfy beds inviting you to give it a try are all waiting for you in our Showroom in Warsaw. It is the place where you can check what the combinations of different colours and glamour decorations look like in real life.

What is more, Primavera Home Showroom makes it possible for you to see the glimmering crystals that our chandeliers, plafonds and wall lamps are made of. 

You can also take a careful look at our high-gloss furniture and appreciate its high-quality surface materials. The impressive Paris lamp, made of natural feathers, is one of the things that will surely catch your attention as it moves with every wind blow.

Glamour Salon Glamour


Here you can also check the various color combinations of our furniture and glamor decorations live and see how they look together.

The Primavera Home showroom also allows you to see with your own eyes the extraordinary glow of crystals from which our chandeliers, plafonds, wall lamps and lamps are made, among others.

Stationary, you can also take a close look at high-gloss furniture and appreciate its unique surfaces, made of the best quality materials. You will also be interested in such unique furniture as the Paris lamp, made of natural feathers, which makes a spectacular impression even with a minimal gust of wind.

You can’t come to our Showroom? It is not a problem!

Nero Sofa glamour Lighting

Should you have any questions to our Primavera Home’s experts yet you are unable to come to the Showroom, remember that you can always contact us via phone and email. Just visit the Contact page and get in touch with one of Primavera Home representatives. 

We guarantee to make every effort to dispel your doubts.