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A glam bathroom characterised by unique accessories

If you dream about a bathroom in the glamorous style, you should explore all the beautiful bedroom accessories waiting for you in Primavera Home. They will instantly make your bathroom look more chic, elegant and classy. We offer exclusive glam bathroom accessories as we believe that every single detail can make a significant difference. Our experts know entirely the extent to which details can transfer the interior. Therefore, they paid the utmost care to the diversity of bathroom accessories available in our store. In Primavera Home, you will discover phenomenal cabinets polished to a high gloss that will illuminate your bathroom and emphasize its character and style. The combination of elegant furniture and spectacular decorations are the most effective way to make your bathroom look glamorous and extremely chic.

Tiny elements can play a big role

In Primavera Home, we are aware that every single element of the interior in the glamour style plays a significant role, so we have selected all the accessories we offer with the greatest care for details. The bathroom is one of the places at home where the importance of accessories is particularly noticeable, especially if you have designed your one in the glam style. We have created a whole line of exceptionally chic bathroom accessories, among which you will discover soap dishes, cotton swab containers and brush containers. Each of these elements has been made with ceramic and embellished with a modern pattern, imitating quilting. Such a glamorous design will make your bathroom look even more aesthetic and exclusive.

879.00 PLN
549.00 PLN
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879.00 PLN
4199.00 PLN
Lamp Wall Emperor
48 H
Save 18%
1190.00 PLN
1450.00 PLN
4279.00 PLN
13349.00 PLN
2969.00 PLN
2859.00 PLN
2959.00 PLN
2529.00 PLN
5719.00 PLN
2749.00 PLN
1499.00 PLN
2599.00 PLN
799.00 PLN
999.00 PLN
949.00 PLN
4069.00 PLN
8689.00 PLN
2309.00 PLN
2089.00 PLN
659.00 PLN
839.00 PLN
2089.00 PLN
8359.00 PLN
5939.00 PLN
2089.00 PLN
2419.00 PLN
2199.00 PLN
5999.00 PLN
7999.00 PLN
Chandelier, glamour ceiling lamp, modern hanging lamp RAIN M GOLD
Save 25%
5999.00 PLN
7999.00 PLN
5999.00 PLN
7999.00 PLN
3079.00 PLN
1499.00 PLN
2499.00 PLN
Mirror tray silver
450.00 PLN
6590.00 PLN
Glamor silver mirror tray
Additional decorations
290.00 PLN
Out of stock
150.00 PLN
150.00 PLN
230.00 PLN
230.00 PLN
230.00 PLN