Pouffe stools in the glam style – full comfort at your home

An elegant glam-style pouffe is a foolproof method for adding the interior a little more comfort. This piece of furniture is exceptionally practical; you can rest on it, use it as a decoration, and even hide some bits and bobs inside it. A pouffe stool will be perfectly suitable for different rooms in a house, such as a bedroom, living room and hallway. All pouffes available at Primavera Home online furniture store were designed in glamour style, which means that they are exquisite. They bring luxury to mind and are very comfortable. All of them are hand-made with top quality fabrics and materials, such as velour, beechwood and steel. It is a guarantee of your satisfaction.

Glamorous pouffes in your unique style – the design and the range of colours

Although a pouffe is not a central element of the interior, it is worth considering so that it is consistent with the way the rest of your apartment looks. This task is exceptionally pleasurable at Primavera Home, where every pouffe is unique, providing you with the best quality. You will be deeply satisfied with your purchase – we are sure of that – but first, you need to choose a pouffe that will match the style of your interior and your character.
Most glamour pouffes are classic and elegant. Because of the appropriate, timeless and well-balanced colours, all our pouffes will seem tailored-made in any glamorous interior. The choice is yours: do you prefer beige, grey, subtle pink or white? If, however, neutral colours are not enough for you, check the more distinctive shades that we offer at Primavera Home, such as red, black and blue. 

What is more, you will also need to select your favourite design. Colours are not everything – the way a pouffe is shaped and adorned is also crucial. In Primavera Home, you will discover basic seats in the classic style and pouffes with fancy design, adorned exquisitely. In our store, you will also find quilted pouffes and ones decorated with upholstery nails that make each piece of furniture distinctive and irreplaceable."

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Size: diameter 56 cm, height 40 cm, diameter 76 cm, height 40 cm
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Luxurious pink glamor pouffe, bedroom bench, quilted, upholstered, ELENA seat
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