Glamour sofa – the essential part of every elegant interior

The key point of each living room is a sofa or a couch on which we can enjoy a long-desired moment of relaxation. If the glam style and highest-standard luxury interiors are something you are particularly keen on, the modern sofas offered in Primavera Home are sure to arouse your admiration. 
Each piece of furniture is made by hand, and we have selected the best quality materials for this purpose. We also pay the utmost care so that even the tiniest details are realised with master precision. The bounty of forms, colours and embellishments is our guarantee that in our online furniture store you will discover a sofa about which you have been dreaming for years.

Luxurious style and its characteristic features

Our glamour sofas owe their luxurious character to a few characteristics they possess. Each time we pay full attention to whether our furniture meets the highest criteria. Only then can we be perfectly satisfied with the artwork we want to pass into your hands. What is so characteristic for our luxury sofas then?
Every piece of furniture has been made by hand by Primavera Home specialists. For the production process, they only use the finest quality materials, such as beechwood, stainless steel, velour fabric and natural leather.
All our luxury sofas also offer timeless colours, so typical for the glam style. Thanks to their neutrality and classic character, they will perfectly match any other shade from the colour gamut. The ones we have chosen for our furniture are beige, grey, white and brown. We have not forgotten about the fans of more intense ones, though. In Primavera Home, you will also discover always-trendy deep black and various shades of blue. Thanks to the use of these timeless and versatile colours, our luxury sofas make a wonderful duo with our glamorous wallpapers too. Regardless of whether you decide on one with geometrical patterns or a more subtle option, each of our modern sofas will create with them a beautiful composition.

Glamour sofa – the one to set the tone

A sofa is a piece of furniture that can dramatically change the character of the whole interior design. However, hardly ever it is the only actor on this stage. If you wish to reach its full potential, you need to pay attention to what you place around it. One of the best ideas is placing beautiful armchairs around, matching the sofa in the centre. Such an arrangement will create a cosy sphere devoted to relaxation and time with your beloved ones. This perfect combination can also be complemented with a luxurious coffee table, which, apart from being elegant, will also offer its functionality. "

Glamor corner upholstered sofa bed with sleeping function Gray NERO 280 cm
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