Steel furniture

Metal furniture - unordinary element of the glamour design

Anyone who thinks that the glamour style has to be dull is wrong. Even though the glamour style interiors are characterised by soft and universal colours it is mixed however with unusual forms and fancy designs. This kind of combination has nothing to do with dullness and it easily catches other’s attention. One of the unfailing ways to add something unusual to your interior is the use of metal furniture which surprises and inspires.

Metal tables, coffee tables and console tables in the spotlight

One of the most important pieces of furniture is a table around which all social life is focused. A table is usually associated with practicality and functionality but it does not have to equal boredom! It is a perfect piece of furniture that enables the play with design, form and colour. Primavera Home specialists are aware of the potential that a table holds, therefore our metal tables surprise and catch attention every single time. Beside metal tables, which perfectly suit the dining space and living room, we also offer spectacular coffee tables and console tables. These pieces of furniture are more discreet but they can change the interior into an elegant and sophisticated one. Even though we usually do not situate them at the center of our rooms, they still decorate them and serve their purpose in daily life thanks to hand-made quality materials.

Metal chairs and barstools - classic and modernity

Next to tables, coffee tables and console tables, chairs and barstools are another crucial element of the glamour dining room and living room. The choice of those that combine soft and pleasant to the touch fabrics together with metal elements is perfect for everyone who likes to mix classic with modernity. Metal legs and rails make our chairs and barstools a bit extravagant which takes the glamour style to the next level.

Pouffes and seats - comfort and classic

Elegant pouffes and seats, available in the Primavera Home online store, are the perfect choice for living rooms and bedrooms. These discreet pieces of furniture make us feel comfortable in the interior. Thanks to their combination of fabrics which provide comfort, our metal pouffes and seats adorn the interiors in the glamour style in places that we did not expect it.