Candlesticks glamour

Glam candle holders as a discreet element of a beautiful décor

Luxury candlesticks are a great way to adorn the space in a simple way full of subtlety. Thanks to rather small sizes and classic, proven colours and materials, glam candle holders offered in Primavera Home online furniture store perfectly match and complement each elegant and sophisticated interior. You can place them on a dining table, coffee table or console table as they will look stunning on all these pieces of furniture. To maximise the gorgeous effect, place the candle holders on a mirrored table.
Although people usually do not place glam candlesticks in the centre of attention, their contribution to the space decoration should not be underrated. Each time, they add a hint of elegance and chic, regardless of whether it is a day or an evening. Combined with unique candles offered in Primavera Home, they can evoke a magical, cosy atmosphere.

The luxurious combination of glass and metal

The glam candle holders that you will explore in Primavera Home were designed as a dazzling combination of metal and glass. The delicacy and stunning aesthetics of crystals are here juxtaposed with the boldness and durability of metal. In this way, we achieved the candlesticks that can provide a palace-like décor, full of exclusiveness and luxury. When designed and crafting our luxury candle holders, we pay special attention to the details. Even the tiniest one is crucial for us and, thanks to this approach of ours, all our candlesticks present themselves so gorgeously!
The glam candlesticks offered in Primavera Home are available with shades and without them. It is for you to decide which variant will suit your apartment better.
When decorating your interior, do not be afraid to experiment a bit with other accessories offered to you in Primavera Home. All our pots, flowers, mirrors and clocks will perfectly match the aesthetics of our luxury candlesticks.

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