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Glam dining table - the center of all valuable meetings

A table is one of these pieces of furniture which must have its place in a home. The dining room and living room would be nothing without it! After all, it is a place designed for moments spent together in the company of our closest ones. It is the table that brings us together to eat a meal together, discuss important topics or simply sit together in silence and enjoy the moment. Therefore, a table is the must-have of every interior. If your design is made for glamour or modern style then our elegant glamour table is the perfect fit.
Every table should meet high-quality requirements. It ought to be solid and durable; made of high-quality materials. In Primavera Home, you can find tables made from e.g. oakwood, beechwood, stainless steel (gold and silver) and conglomerate. Each of our glamour tables is handmade; the process follows a meticulous plan which guarantees you a quality experience with our glamour furniture.

Timeless simplicity and class

Do you appreciate classic solutions which flawlessly fit all designs? Check our glamour Concord table! It is handmade from beechwood on request. The Concord table’s minimalistic and universal form fits into all interiors, both the elegant and modern ones. The Concord style is available in two colour versions: light and dark.
The Milano table is similar yet fancier. This luxury dining table, similar to its predecessor, offers a classic, rectangular shape, fitting perfectly into all kinds of living rooms and dining rooms. This model however stands out due to its decorative legs that catch attention and beautify the whole space.
For the fans of classic we also have our glamour gateleg tables on offer. They are made from beechwood on request. Our glam dining tables like Loren, Lilly and Leslie guarantee timeless style and comfort due to their harmonious forms and folding option.

Delicate forms and sophisticated patterns

Besides classic solutions, which all fans of minimalism and simplicity will fall in love with, we have also prepared plenty of possibilities for those of you who prefer fancier furniture designs. These tables catch the eye and stand in the centre of attention thanks to their unordinary forms, shapes and patterns. Their common features are high quality and a careful, handmade finish.
Check our glamour Antonio table, which stands on a fascinating, openwork base resembling a spiral-shaped hourglass. The tabletop is made of conglomerate that imitates marble.
Another sophisticated solution is the glamour Art Deco table. Similar to Antonio, Art Deco also stands out with its beautiful tabletop imitating marble. The base however is made of polished stainless steel and its shape resembles the letter U. The Art Deco table makes its mark with a unique form and great shine."

Glamour table PICASSO for the dining room, steel, glass, white OUTLET
48 H
Save 42%
7299.00 PLN
12499.00 PLN
Glamour table RITZ for dining, steel, with a mirrored top OUTLET
48 H
Save 30%
5599.00 PLN
7999.00 PLN
Glamour dining table, stainless steel, white RITZ top OUTLET
48 H
Save 36%
5099.00 PLN
7999.00 PLN
Glamour dining table BOND GOLD, stainless steel, white [CLONE]
Save 24%
6499.00 PLN
8499.00 PLN
5940.00 PLN
6600.00 PLN
10799.00 PLN
2499.00 PLN
5359.00 PLN
5358.00 PLN
5290.00 PLN
5359.00 PLN
5359.00 PLN
5358.00 PLN
5358.00 PLN
5359.00 PLN
5359.00 PLN