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Luxury glam chair - comfort and beauty

A chair is multifunctional. It lets us enjoy the company of our closest ones in the dining room. In the living room, it serves us as additional support to rest on. In the office, a chair enables us to focus and be effective without worrying about comfort. If you decide to buy a glam chair, you will add one more function to it – the look. That is because the glam chair is characterised by high-class elegance. Our Primavera Home chairs meet all the requirements: beautifying the interior, as well as guaranteeing comfort and durability thanks to their high-quality materials and craft.

Glam chair for minimalists - comfort and elegance

Our Primavera Home online store provides a wide range of choices. Thanks to our experts' knowledge and imagination, we have created a wide range of possibilities, especially for you - from classic to really sophisticated solutions.
If classic solutions, simplicity and minimalism appeal to you, check our glam chairs Napoli and Solo. Both models are made of beech wood. They are characterised by minimalistic and universal forms together with soft colours, which will perfectly fit into every glamourous living room and dining room.
Do you love comfort and summer style? Discover our Hampton chair created in Provencal style and made from mango wood, which will bring a fresh breeze to your interior.

Glam chair for the lovers of fancy designs

Minimalism is not for you? Instead of classic solutions, do you prefer fancy design and unconventional approaches? In that case, check our glamour black Cosmopolitan chair, which amazes with its combination of classic seat and sophisticated and decorative frame made of silver stainless steel.
However, if instead of black you prefer bright and softer colours together with gold and silver, check our glamour Marco chair. Its comfortable form provides full comfort and elegant design that will decorate your living room, dining room, or office.
Our next fancy glam chair is the Shell model which is the quintessence of femininity and gentleness. Thanks to its unordinary shape, resembling a shell, the Shell chair attracts others' attention and makes a lasting impression. The aesthetic light-pink colour highlights the elegance of the interior’s design.
Primavera Home also offers an unusual solution like decorative knockers or metal holes in the back of a chair. Because of this variety of elements, our luxury chairs, like Katy or Vito, make a lasting impression.

No matter if you chose the classic solutions and soft colours, or if you prefer extravagant elements and unordinary forms, all of our glamour chairs available in Primavera Home will meet your demands thanks to the high-quality materials and hand-made finish.

2499.00 PLN
1990.00 PLN
1990.00 PLN
1990.00 PLN
1990.00 PLN
1990.00 PLN
1390.00 PLN
Glamour chair upholstered steel for dining room grey velour CARDINALE GOLD
48 H
Save 44%
999.00 PLN
1799.00 PLN
Glamour chair with knockout for dining room New York's modern PRINCE
48 H
Save 12%
1499.00 PLN
1700.00 PLN
1859.00 PLN
1300.00 PLN
Glamour chair MEDALION for dining, stainless steel, white 49x49x102,5 OUTLET
48 H
Save 33%
799.00 PLN
1199.00 PLN
Glamour upholstered quilted steel dining chair black velour MEDALION OUTLET
48 H
Save 35%
999.00 PLN
1538.00 PLN
2530.00 PLN
Chair Glamour VITO upholstered steel modern for dining room black 49x49xh108
48 H
Save 35%
850.00 PLN
1299.00 PLN
Upholstered chair modern wooden beige NAPOLI
48 H
Save 46%
650.00 PLN
1199.00 PLN
1860.00 PLN
1869.00 PLN
1350.00 PLN
1649.00 PLN
Glamour upholstered dining room chair silver black Cosmopolitan Silver OUTLET
48 H
Save 57%
599.00 PLN
1399.00 PLN
1319.00 PLN
1420.00 PLN
830.00 PLN