Glam home decor at your place

Glam home decor at your place

Modern interiors make a definition of luxury and elegance. There is no space for mishitting here; every part of the design plays a significant role, and the final effect amazes everyone without exceptions. Does it sound like something hard to achieve for you? Nothing could be more wrong! Just follow the tips listed for you by the experts of Primavera Home, and you will gradually create an exclusive glam home décor with all the features you love most in interior designing. 

Glamorous interiors – modern elegance full of shine and boldness

If you are looking for modern house décor ideas in glam style, you should remember to focus on achieving an effect of luxury and exclusiveness. These words might suggest that the glam style is only for the chosen ones, but you need to follow a few guidelines to effortlessly morph your living room or bedroom into an embodiment of elegance!

First of all, a glamorous living room means a lot of shiny surfaces and materials. The best choice, in this case, will be high gloss furniture and crystals. What is more, glamorous interiors are usually created based on a specific range of classic colours. Last but not least, remember to choose high-quality furniture and decorate it with many beautiful accessories.


Glamorous living room ideas for space full of phenomenal shine

To arrange a luxury glam living room, you will need to select those pieces of furniture that amazingly reflect the light, making the space around appear shinier than ever. In this style, you should bet on high gloss furniture, steel furniture and mirrored furniture.

Apart from shiny furniture, in your glam home décor, you also cannot miss crystal chandeliers. Their light will stunningly illuminate the whole room, and the ethereal design of those by Primavera Home will win the hearts of all your guests and household.

Do you want to accentuate the cosy atmosphere of your glam living room? One of the best ideas is choosing crystal candle holders. Their design will complement the elegant décor, and the light provided by candles will give your house an unmistakable aura full of cosiness and warmth.


Luxurious design in the best style

In the glam style, there is no space for half measures. Because your goal here is to achieve an exceptionally luxurious décor, you need to select the finest quality furniture made of the best materials. Those offered by Primavera Home are made in hand by Polish specialists who approach the whole manufacture process with the utmost care putting their hearts and knowledge into it. 

The quality is a priority here but equally important is the design, which needs to be irreplaceable. The glamorous style in home decoration loves projects full of fantasy and creativity. For these reasons, Primavera Home’s designers constantly do their best to meet their clients' expectations, creating solutions that you will find nowhere else. A table base in the shape of the letter X and a fascinating spiral? Shiny metallic elements juxtaposed with a marble-like table counter? Dining chairs adorned with a knocker? For us, the glam style needs to be not only elegant but also unique!


The range of colours in the glamorous house décor

The glam style loves luxury and richness. Although it might seem that shine, fantastic design and maximalism together are too much, thanks to a range of basic colours, it all synergises beautifully.

Glam home décor is mostly based on classic colours, such as white, beige and grey. They make a dream foundation for designing, and thanks to it we, can follow the imagination while choosing furniture, lighting and accessories. When backgrounded with fair, neutral colours, everything looks stunning, perfectly complementing the décor around. As a result, all elements of the glamorous home tone.

Those fonder of intensive accents in home decoration will also find in the glamorous style something for themselves, namely colours such as intense black and tasteful navy blue. They successfully enrich the design based on pristine white, warm beige and flawless grey.


The bounty of accessories and decorations in modern house décor ideas

When designing your dream glam living room or bedroom, you should never forget to include accessories, which will accentuate the unique style of your interior. The decorations that you choose for your apartment will be a reflection of your character and taste.

Always remember that in the glamorous style we pay a lot of attention and care to details; there is no space at all for accidental choices here. Before buying any decorations, deliberate on what your favourite accessories are, and then check the ones offered for you in Primavera Home. If you want to emphasise how luxurious your glam-style apartment is, you will surely be delighted with our soft, high-quality rugs with fascinating designs, classic flowerpots, crystal candle holders and elegant table lamps

Furthermore, a glamour-style house cannot miss beautiful walls. The best idea is to decorate them with beautiful wallpaper in a classic colour and a subtle pattern. Do you prefer more distinctive elements to decorate your space? You need to check our glam-style mosaics that will stun and fascinate everyone, to a man.


Modern glam house – the place where every element has its role

A breath-taking glam-style décor can be easier to achieve than you would expect! Just follow several tips of ours, and you will effortlessly get such an effect at your place.

Focus on a limited range of colours – next to basic white, grey and beige, place bold elements in intense black and navy blue.

Give your apartment as much shine as you can, choosing furniture with creative design and the finest quality. However, remember that furniture itself is not everything. Only together with accessories, it will expose its full beauty.

When arranging the luxurious house of your dreams, also remember to pay attention to details. Always choose those pieces of furniture and decorations that truly reflect your unique personality and style.  


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