Best interior designs – glam house inspiration with furniture by Primavera Home

Best interior designs – glam house inspiration with furniture by Primavera Home

The furniture by Primavera Home is easily recognisable for its breath-taking design, top-quality materials and exceptionally neat handcraft. We make it with all glamour style fans in mind putting our heart, soul and knowledge into it. The results of our work won the hearts of many customers, as well as professional interior designers. UY Design Room group appreciated our furniture and lighting to such an extent that they decided to use it in one of their projects, reaching a stunning effect.

Modern interior design – a romance of beige and gold

The project of UY Design Room is the embodiment of class reflected in a romantic version of the glam style. This luxurious interior is defined by warm shades of beige, full of delicacy and aesthetics. Their rich combination is combined with the shiny, elegant colour of gold, resulting in a beautiful and cosy interior warmly welcoming everyone already at the threshold. It is like seclusion full of serene, never interfered time. In this glam-style interior, you would love to find yourself for as long as possible.

The phenomenally combined beige and gold can be noticed in all rooms of this stunning apartment. For this reason, it could not miss our upholstered Louis chairs, whose subtle beige fabric beautifully contrasts with the metallic shine of golden legs. The chairs perfectly completed the décor, accentuating its chic character.

A synergy of eye-catching furniture and discreet decorations

The project by UY Design Room also offers an attractive match between beautiful furniture and elegant accessories. In every room of this unique apartment, you can find exceptionally chic pieces of furniture accompanied by breath-taking, luxurious decorations that discreetly adorn each square metre. The TV stand made an elegant duo with subtle flowers in a ceramic pot, while the console table got decorated with crystal candle holders. A charming combination was also offered by the attention-drawing Antonio dining table, whose top was beautified by a vase full of gently pink flowers.

The magical play of light

The house inspiration offered by UY Design Room in which you will discover Primavera Home’s furniture is full of elegance and luxuriously chic style. Its décor is simultaneously warm and cosy, and it is also due to the unique behaviour of light that spectacularly reflects in the metallic and crystal surfaces elements.
This kind of effect was produced by the exclusive lighting, among whose elements there are items by Primavera Home. An example of it is our Rain chandelier, whose dazzling design allures and charms. Its combination of gold-coloured steel and crystal glass makes an impression you will never forget.

Modernity and timeless elegance go hand in hand

The glamour interior by UY Design Room is where the ever-trendy classic style meets a modern character. The luxurious furniture by Primavera Home gave the décor a modern-day form accentuating its exclusive look all at once. In this house inspiration, you will also discover unique moulding effectively decorating walls and accompanied by a bounty of glamorous accessories.
The combination of warm beige colour, a phenomenal shine of golden items and magical light resulted in a modern interior design full of class, comfort and a cosy atmosphere.


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