Art Deco Style – why is it special?

Art Deco Style – why is it special?

Although it might seem hard to believe, Art Deco design already has over a hundred-year history! It first appeared in the 1920s, more specifically in the interwar period. As the name itself suggests, the Art Deco style is the embodiment of love for art and the bounty of decorations. The characteristic of those who are especially fond of this design is the ability to educe the true beauty from even the most common, everyday items.

How will you recognise the Art Deco design?

The Art Deco style boasts a few characteristic features, thanks to which it stays distinct from others. First of all, it is characterised by geometrical shapes and patterns, easy to notice everywhere: on the walls, fabrics, floors, furniture and lighting. From time to time, these forms might seem sharp and distinctive, but they are easy to match and mix, offering beautiful, unconventional combinations.

Secondly, the Art Deco design can also be recognised for its luxury and maximalism; there is no space for half measures here! The furniture makes a stunning impression because of its massive, sturdy forms. The wallpapers fascinate with their geometrical patterns, and all decorative elements catch the attention of everyone from miles away.

The Art Deco design is also full of elements in the colour of gold and silver, present in decorations and ornaments. They beautifully harmonise with top quality materials, which are also a characteristic of the Art Deco style. There is no space for mediocrity here; instead, all the interior parts have to amaze, intrigue and dazzle you with their elegant look and the most diligent craft and finish, proclaiming the craftsmen's utmost care for even the tiniest details.

Last but not least, the Art Deco style enthrals with many contrasting elements that draw attention and hold in memory. It is the Art Deco design where forms, colours and patterns distinctively complete each other and harmonise, offering a beautiful synergy.
Are you a beginner to the world of the Art Deco style and a little apprehensive of mixing elements that do not necessarily look best together? Do not forget that the Primavera Home specialists are always there to help and guide you through the world of luxury design. You are always welcome to visit us in our Showroom, based at 23B Kłobucka Street in Warsaw. Here, you can work out the best combinations of colours, shapes and patterns, being accompanied by our specialists at all times until you find the design of your dreams.

The Art Deco furniture

You can successfully apply the Art Deco design in many different rooms in your house or apartment. One of them is a dining room that, when arranged appropriately, can even bring great Gatsby’s mansion to mind. What elements of the interior should you choose to organise a beautiful Art Deco dining room?

To begin with, the most crucial part of each dining room is a table that plays the most significant role here as the life of the whole family often revolves around it. If you desire to achieve a luxurious character of this space, consistent with the above-mentioned style, discover the ArtDeco dining table available at Primavera Home. The table offers a stunning shining base,shaped to remind the letter U, and available in the colour of silver or gold. On the top of that base, there is abreath-taking, glossy top designed to imitate marble. The Art Deco dining table makes a beautiful composition with elegant chairs, without which no dining room would be complete. Depending on your personality, you can select chairs in the modern style or more classic ones. Choosing the ones available at Primavera Home is a guarantee of a luxurious and exquisite look of your Art Deco interior design.

A great potential is also offered by the Art Deco living room. Once again, there is no space for minimalism in the décor which is full of contrast, deep colours and elements bringing luxury and artistic beauty to mind. In the living room, the Art Deco design can be recognised in top-quality materials, and precious metals or stones. Another great choice will also be ornaments and embellishments, such as quilting and golden or silver details. Neutral shades will look stunning accompanied by deep colours, such as the always in-trend black colour.

Lighting and accessories in the Art Deco style

The Art Deco design looks spectacular when complemented with exquisite, elegant lighting. In this style, looking for simple solutions is pointless. Here, we go for maximalism, sophistication and luxury. Therefore, if you wish to arrange an Art Deco interior design, check crystal chandeliers and plafonds offered in Primavera Home. They will perfectly match the decorative style, characterised by the lushness and palace-like features

The Art Deco lamps should do much more than only arouse admiration in everyone with the way they look; the lighting should also cast light on all the elements carefully arranged in agiven space. All these details proclaim the luxurious style of the interior. What accessories, decorations, and textiles should you then select for your Art Deco interior design? Choosing luxury vases, shiny trays, decorative mirrors and cushions in deep colours will turn out to be a great choice.

Combining all these elements and a careful choice of top-quality furniture and accessories from those available in Primavera Home is a guarantee of achieving a spectacular result in your ArtDeco interior

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