How to clean furniture and lighting?

How to clean furniture and lighting?

Arranging a perfect interior in the glam style is not a piece of cake. Although it consumes a lot of effort and attention, it also brings loads of satisfaction. However, the work on the perfect look of the space is not over at that moment. If you want the furniture you have selected to serve for you for years, you have to pay special attention to how you clean it and care for it.

How to clean lighting?

Cleansing the element of lighting requires special softness. Even the very moment of assembling lighting needs a particular approach. To perform it, you need to use professional gloves attached to the set you have ordered in Primavera Home.

If you want to refresh the lighting in your house and get rid of the dust that is mounted there, you should choose a traditional dust cleaning brush that turns out to be particularly useful and convenient when cleaning crystal plafonds, such as Monaco and Glamour. The aforementioned cleaning brush will also help you to dust glam chandeliers, such as Empire and Eclipse.

Should you want to clean lighting with elements made of glass, such as the Rain chandelier, you need to pick a special glass and mirror spray. If, in turn, your lighting has metal inserts, go for a cloth made of microfibre that will allow you to clean chandeliers with design full of fantasy, such as Madonna, gently and safely.

The thing that might turn out to be a bit more demanding is cleaning the lighting in the kitchen or hung above the kitchen island. In these places in the house chandeliers and lamps often get dirty with deposits of dirt and oil. In order to keep these elements of lighting spick and span, in the first step, you ought to clean in with moistened wipes for steel elements or classic moistened wipes. Then, choose a dry microfibre cloth so as to shine the surface and get a polished effect.

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How to clean elements made of glass, mirror and steel?

The glam style is full of remarkably elegant furniture, embellished with inserts made of glass and metal. Thanks to such diversity, the interior appears more spacious and brighter, so it is worth considering when designing a glam-style apartment. However, if you want all the furniture and decorations to shine to their fullest, you need to clean it especially carefully. In this case, similarly to the elements of lighting, there is absolutely no space for random cleaning. Only choosing appropriate tools and cleaners ensures effective cleaning that is at the same time gentle to the furniture.

If steel furniture or one with steel elements are a part of your interior, choose a microfibre cloth to clean them. In this way, furniture like our Art Deco table, Tiffany upholstered chair with steel legs, Conrad console table or Marco barstools will be cleaned in safely. Choosing a microfibre cloth will also let you polish the furniture whose surface is more prone to damage.

How to clean furniture with high gloss? The glam style is full of it, as well as of mirrored furniture. Should you decide to decorate your space with furniture like our Chicago console table, Paola bedside table or Franco coffee table, always clean them with a glass and mirror spray and a gentle cloth. Spray the surface of the furniture, and then dry it thoroughly. In this way, you will get rid of all the dust that has gathered, as well as smudges and streaks, treating the furniture in an exceptionally gentle and safe way.


How to clean wooden elements and counters?

In the glamorous style, there is also plenty of wooden furniture and elements, such as our Laura table. If in your apartment there is also quite a lot of it, for cleaning them, choose a special wood surface cleaner. In this situation, you can also use a cloth that will clean and polish a wooden surface to great effect.

The next category is table counters. To begin with, you need to be particularly careful when cleaning a glass counter. Nevertheless, it is not as difficult as it might seem. All you need to do is take a glass and mirror spray and a cloth. Gently polish the surface, remembering to be a bit more delicate in this case. In order to clean a conglomerate top covered with resin, use a multi-surface spray, and then clean it in the same way as in the case of glass counters.

How to clean upholstery?

Cleaning upholstered furniture is more demanding than refreshing a crystal chandelier with a dust cleaning brush or wiping a glass counter with a cloth. However, again, it is nothing impossible to do, especially if you bear in mind that all the furniture offered to you in Primavera Home is made with stain-resistant fabrics, characterised by a high abrasion class. Nevertheless, a stain might appear on our favourite piece of furniture regardless of how much we care for it. What should be done in such a situation?

If the stain is minimally invasive, you can simply use a piece of kitchen roll to gather the liquid from the surface. If that does not help and the stain is still visible on your furniture, add a little water.

In the case of oily stains and more dirt on a sofa or an armchair, clean it with water mixed with soap or another washing agent that was designed to remove persistent dirt.

In the case of sludge of sauce, ketchup or mayonnaise, first gently collect with it a spoon. Then, moisten the stain with a little water and gather it with a piece of kitchen roll.

Dust and animal hair should be removed by vacuuming, but you need to remember to select the upholstery tool.

Also, remember that all the fabrics from the Primavera Home furniture can be washed in a washing machine at 30 degrees Celsius without spinning at a low speed. You can also iron them.

How to clean a rug?

The basis in the rug cleaning routine is everyday hoovering. To clean it more thoroughly and remove more persistent or bigger dirt, we recommend using a special washing vacuum cleaner. It is also a good idea to choose dry carpet cleaners. We do not recommend washing rugs and carpets chemically.


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