Each of us dreams of a delightful, elegant interior that will reflect both our style and personality. However, making this dream come true often seems to be quite a challenge, among others due to the small size of the apartment, old buildings or simply we have doubts "Will I be able to do without the help of a designer?".

In this article, using the example of our client's interior, we would like to prove to you that everything is possible and present some helpful advice - how to arrange an elegant and stylish interior in a glamor style.


One of our clients, Mrs. Jola, carried out a real revolution in her 70-meter apartment and, using ready-made solutions and inspiration from Primavera Home, arranged them from scratch. The effects are so stunning that it is hard to believe that it is the same interior and that it achieved such an effect completely alone.

       She carried out a major renovation in an apartment in a block of flats from 1982. By demolishing individual walls, the room division was re-created to make the space more functional. The floors were replaced, the walls were smoothed, stucco was installed, which adds style to the interior, and all rooms were repainted in neutral, light colors. However, it was chic glamor-style furniture, exclusive lighting and original decorations from Primavera Home that gave the interior a unique style.

Here are 5 ready-made ideas for decorating a glamorous interior:

1 - Use mirrored furniture

The spacious interior is an effect that can be achieved by owners of even small apartments. One of the most commonly used decorating tricks is to use the magic of mirrors. It is the easiest way to optically enlarge the interior by additional meters.

Following this rule does not have to be limited to decorating only walls with mirrors. It is worth going a step further and choosing mirrored glamor furniture that will give the room additional depth and shine and will immediately brighten it. What's more, the mirror elements of the equipment perfectly match any color scheme, reflecting their surroundings and not interfering with the selected color palette.


The glamor coffee table CHICAGO M, tasteful in its form, is a shining piece of furniture, perfect for a tastefully decorated, glamorous, New York or eclectic living room. Its base is made of silver stainless steel legs. The upper part is made of MDF board, covered with mirrored glass panes. There are practical drawers under the top. The highest quality materials used in this product give it a luxurious character. Incredible gloss and a modern shape are the distinguishing features of this unique table.

The mirrored nightstand from the CHICAGO collection attracts attention with its elegance. It is made with the highest accuracy and the best quality materials. It is perfect for a bedroom that will add modernity. 

The ELEGANCE glamor mirror console is a charming piece of furniture for the living room, hall or bedroom, where it can also function as a dressing table. The console rests on four slim legs and has two drawers with crystal handles. It is made of solid wood, lacquered to a high gloss. It is available in white or black. This is an exclusive product, made by hand from the highest quality materials.

2 - Go for bright colors

The choice of colors in an interior is one of the most important stages of its arrangement. Timeless white and subtle gray and beige are the most frequently chosen colors for a reason. Light colors give a sense of spaciousness, and the interiors gain lightness and freshness. What's more, the bright, subdued colors perfectly match the arrangements in almost any style. To maintain perfect harmony in the whole apartment, choose two or three leading shades and try to keep all rooms in the same color scheme. Duplicate the colors present on the walls by selecting lounge furniture and upholstered furnishings in the same tone.


    A soft, comfortable and modern NERO glamor sofa is our proposal for a glamor living room. Upholstered corner with soft cushions, made of beech wood and covered with gray Napoli 17 fabric, size 280x200x64 cm.

The sofa, handcrafted from the best materials, is a unique piece of furniture that will bring a touch of luxury to the interior. It has been equipped with a sleeping function, thanks to which it is a very functional complement to the decor and will work well in a guest room.

It is also available in other sizes and colors to choose from - for individual orders. We encourage you to visit our Showroom in Warsaw, where you can see this charming sofa as well as many other furniture from our collections live.

Proste i niezwykle gustowne łóżko glamour Classic, to wspaniały przykład wysokiej jakości mebla, który pasuje do wnętrz, utrzymanych w różnych stylach. Solidność oraz komfort użytkowania, zapewniają stelaż z drewna bukowego i miękka, welurowa tapicerka. Charakteru dodaje wysokie, proste wezgłowie, ozdobione pikowaniem. Dopełnieniem są ozdobne wykończenia z gwoździ tapicerskich. To ekskluzywne łóżko zachwyca swoją prostotą i klasycznym kształtem.

The TIFFANY glamor upholstered chair is a beautiful and functional piece of furniture that will decorate any living room or dining room. Velor upholstery perfectly harmonizes with silver legs made of stainless steel. Elegant quilting on the backrest and a delicate frame made of upholstery nails add to its character. The color of the upholstery can be selected according to your preferences. Our glamor chair is a unique and exclusive product that is handcrafted each time, on an individual order. This guarantees its quality and uniqueness.

Subdued colors are a beautiful background for white, therefore gray, beige and pastel arrangements can be additionally enriched with modern, white glamor furniture.

The simple and at the same time very elegant table ELEGANCE is a piece of shining furniture that will add splendor to the space of a glamor-style dining room. Four ornate carved legs support the rectangular table top. It is made of solid wood, covered with Italian varnishes, which give it a high gloss. Thanks to the possibility of unfolding, it is a very functional solution. Each piece is made by hand, and the dimensions can be adjusted to individual needs.

3- Enter color accents 

In order to give the interior a character and break the monochrome stylization, it is worth introducing colorful accents to the interior, which perfectly break the whiteness of the furniture dominating in bright arrangements. The ideal solution is to use accessories and textiles - such as pillows, curtains or decorations in energetic colors. Thanks to this, in the future, we can easily modify the arrangement, changing the leading color only through accessories.

Choose noble and expressive colors, such as classic navy blue, emerald green or shades of pink.

- Navy blue is a timeless classic that adds elegance to the interior, regardless of whether you prefer saturated or muted shades of blue. Navy blue also creates a perfect combination with white and light gray, which is why in Mrs. Jola's apartment, it beautifully completed the bedroom arrangement - at the same time livening up the room and promoting relaxation.

-Dark green, like navy blue - as a very noble color - allows you to achieve an extremely elegant effect. In addition, it is one of the most fashionable shades that has reigned in recent years - complementing interiors with various styles, thanks to the growing popularity of the so-called "The colors of the earth". Green perfectly harmonizes with botanical motifs and creates a well-matched duo with both gold and silver accessories.

- The pink color not only improves the mood, but in combination with gray it gives the interior a very cozy atmosphere. Subtle shades of pink are also the perfect choice if you don't like strong contrasts - a powdery or dirty shade will gently break the styling and add femininity to it. Such colors will be perfect for a glamor living room or bedroom.

4 -Choose elegant decorations in a glamor style

The choice of accessories predominates the nature of our interior. It is with their help that it is easiest to express and define our style and breathe new energy into the room. When arranging a room in a glamor style, do not be afraid to experiment with crystal accessories, such as candlesticks or lamps - which you will find in our offer. They not only please the eye and attract attention, but also blend in beautifully with mirrored furniture that reflect their glow, creating a magical atmosphere. Set them up with gold or silver accessories. Choose large vases, frames, clocks and figurines for your styling, combining modern and classic styles. The decorations from our collection, like all other interior design elements, are carefully selected by our team to create a coherent whole together.

5 -Bet on exclusive crystal lighting

An important element of decorating is the selection of lighting that will help to bring out many details from the interior. The glamor crystal chandelier is a perfect combination of classic form and decorativeness that distinguishes this style. Also introduce a few additional points of lighting into the room - elegant lamps for the living room are perfect, the light of which will be beautifully reflected by the mirror elements of the equipment. In addition, they create shadows and creases on the walls that give a warmer and cozy character.


  At Primavera Home, a huge team works to create a collection of furniture, lighting and decorations that go together perfectly. When choosing equipment from different manufacturers, we often have doubts whether they will harmonize with each other in the room. We guarantee that by completing the entire decor with us, you can achieve a phenomenal effect even without the help of a designer. All you need to do is take advantage of ready-made solutions and inspiration available on our website and on Primavera Home's social profiles:

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