Lighting in the bathroom - appropriate lamps

Lighting in the bathroom - appropriate lamps

Are you considering lighting in the bathroom? We will be happy to help you make the right choice. The issue will seem trivial, but after a closer look, it is no longer so. In the bathroom we have water, a lot of moisture, often high temperatures, and our lighting is to serve us for years and, above all, not to pose a threat to our life and health. Therefore, in this article, we will help you find the perfect lighting for your bathroom.

We must remember that the conditions in the bathroom are very variable (temperature and humidity rise and fall rapidly), and there is also a high risk of electric shock. For these reasons, bathrooms have separate safety zones with a specific required tightness of the fittings and a specific voltage level.

The figure below explains which luminaires (with which IP protection class) should be used in specific places in the bathroom. The drawings and descriptions provided are for illustrative purposes only and always CONTACT A LEGAL ELECTRICIAN for selection and installation.

Strefy w łazience

Zone 0   -     bathtub, shower tray - only installation of luminaires for safe low voltage 12 V with a degree of protection at least IP67 is allowed.

Zone 1   (blue) - wall of the shower cubicle, space above the bathtub, generally bathing area.     Up to 225 cm above the bottom of the bathtub or shower tray -   only allowed installing luminaires with at least IP65 tightness.

Zone 2 (orange) - space up to 60 cm from zone 1 (shower cubicle and bathtub as well as the space surrounding the washbasin) -   it is allowed only to install luminaires with a degree of tightness of at least IP44.

Zone 3   - the space outside the zone 0,1,2 - decorative or technical lamps that can be used in normal home conditions. Please note that increased humidity in the bathroom may cause accelerated corrosion of the lamp surface.



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