Modern Classic interior design with Primavera Home

Modern Classic interior design with Primavera Home

Are you considering various styles for your glamour apartment? If harmony and balance are the features you want to see in your décor, and you do not feel like choosing between the timeless classic and modernity in your house, that means you need to discover the Modern Classic style. In Primavera Home, we have prepared a few tips to help you arrange the living room of your dreams. 

Modern Classic style in décor - how to recognise it?

Modern Classic house combines two perfectly balanced styles in décor: classic and modern ones. In apartments designed according to the guideline for this style, you will always notice timeless and beautiful elements ideally harmonised with the freshness of modernity. The Modern Classic style in designing is sheer beauty, elegance and modernity blended.

A Modern Classic living room will charm you with a balanced combination of classic, neutral colours, sometimes juxtaposed with more distinctive ones. In an apartment like this, you are also sure to notice stylish, up-to-date materials of the finest quality, which provide the luxurious character full of modern freshness. In a Modern Classic house, there is also a lot of space for exclusive decorations, such as dazzling crystal candle holders and timelessly elegant marble patterns. In this interior design, beauty and minimalism go hand in hand, just like the comfort and the top quality.


Modern Classic house full of classic colours and tones

The harmony and balance that characterise the Modern Classic style are achieved, among others, by neutral colours. Here, you will find different shades of white, grey, pink and beige, making a perfect foundation for creating a stunning décor. When composed with good taste, although not bold, they can offer a gracious combination full of luxury.

Do the colours mentioned above sound like something of which you have always been dreaming? That means furniture by Primavera Home will be perfectly suitable for your planned interior design. Being specialists in glamour style, we have designed numerous unique, high-quality and hand-made furniture. In the production process, we only use fabrics and materials of the finest quality. If you decide to arrange your Modern Classic house with our furniture, you can rest assured to achieve a perfectly harmonious décor, appealing to both you and all your guests.


Classic and modernity speak with one voice

Modern Classic interior design is full of elements that reflect both of these styles: modern and classic. In an apartment of this kind, every piece of furniture or decorations plays a significant role, whether it is a sofa in a central spot of the room, a decorative vase or an elegant, subtle wallpaper. If you care about all the details in your décor and you want them all to impress everyone with their top quality and breath-taking design, choose the furniture and by Primavera Home. Then, achieving an exclusive décor in the Modern Classic style is just a matter of time.

Aside from the best quality fabrics, timeless colours combination and care for the tiniest details, you also need to remember that a Modern Classic house needs to be full of a spectacular shine. To achieve such an effect, choose furniture with metallic elements, such as glamour chairs, which combine soft-to-the-touch materials with steel, light-reflecting legs. Next to Modern Classic furniture, there should also be dazzling lightings, such aslamps and chandeliers. Those by Primavera Home will illuminate the whole interior, catching everyone’s attention with their unique designs.

A Modern Classic house mixes beauty with comfort in every inch, and you should regard it at every stage, also when choosing furniture such as a table or a sofa. Should you want to achieve a Wow effect, go for an elegant glamour table that consists of shiny metal legs and a majestic marble counter. In the case of a sofa, choose soft and delicate fabrics, which guarantee the best quality and handcraft lasting for years to come. To boost the cosy atmosphere of your living room, decorate them with a few soft cushions.

When arranging your dream Modern Classic house, you should not forget how crucial accessories are as well. The devil is in the details, so remember to place aesthetic, dazzling decorations next to your luxurious furniture. You certainly need to find space for crystal candlesticks and beautiful bouquets. This charming arrangement can be impressively juxtaposed with metallic wall mirrors in geometrical frames.


Modern Classic style for you to reach just now

Achieving a stunning apartment in the Modern Classic style can be easier than you think. Firstly, you need to choose classic colours, whose harmonious combination can also be enriched with a few distinctive and eye-catching tones. Next, remember to arrange the space with furniture of the finest quality, such as the ones from Primavera Home, whose reliability comes from handcraft based on the best fabrics and materials.

Remember to illuminate your Modern Classic interior design with elegant chandeliers and lamps, whose light will impressively reflect in metallic elements of your glamorous furniture.

Do not be afraid to mix chic with modernity and elegance with comfort. On your luxurious sofa, put several favourite cushions made of soft fabrics, and decorate your impressive dining or coffee table with the etherealness of freshly cut flowers. If you follow all the tips given above, you will easily create a Modern Classic interior design full of comfort and inspiring décor, where spending free time will be your sheer pleasure.


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