New York interior design for you to achieve

New York interior design for you to achieve

One of the most popular styles in interior designing is New York, which combines elegance with cosiness. Interiors with the New York décor embody perfectly harmonised contrasts that complement each other, creating a luxurious atmosphere. How to recognise New York décor and achieve this kind of effect in your apartment? The experts of Primavera Home have prepared you a list of handy tips. 

An apartment in the New York style - a place you will want to spend your time

The modern version of New York interior design is sheer elegance. In apartments designed with this style in mind, you will discover lots of finest-quality furniture, drawing your attention with impressive adornments. This style bases on timeless, neutral colours juxtaposed with distinctive, bold ones. You can vamp the elegant and luxurious character up with decorations and accessories, such as soft-to-the-touch cushions bringing a uniquely cosy interior look. The New York style is luxury and comfort at once.


New York décor - the range of recommended colours and preferable patterns

The tasteful character of a New York apartment is, among others, a result of a sophisticated combination of colours. Here, we mainly choose basic shades such as beige, white and grey, perfect regardless of which room you use them in. Yet, in the New York room décor, there is no space for boredom. The classic colours harmoniously contrast with bold ones, such as timeless black, elegant navy blue and luxurious golden. 

Apart from the contrasting shades, the New York décor is also rich in various patterns. Backgrounded by plain, classic fabrics and surfaces, there are eye-catching geometrical and Moroccan decorations.

As experts in the glamour style in interior designing, we recommend using the patterns mentioned above with neutral colours. You can achieve that by choosing a glam-style wallpaper in a delicate shade of beige. In this way, your apartment will gain patterning typical for the New York style but sneaked in a very tasteful way.


New York furniture by Primavera Home

New York room décor is not only about choosing the right colours and distinctive patterns. If you wish to achieve an elegant interior like this, you should not forget how crucial the finest-quality furniture is. What is more, in the New York interior design, details and quality are equally important.

At Primavera Home, we will provide you with a rich offer of New York furniture, handmade by our specialists with the best fabrics and materials. Nevertheless, the neat handcraft is not everything our furniture has to offer. Apart from that, you will surely notice its unique design, which will inspire you to create the luxurious interior of your dreams. In our online furniture store, you will find dozens of pieces of furniture and lighting made especially for those desiring to arrange a New York room or apartment.

We know that the New York décor loves exceptionally tasteful furniture with unusual adornments, and for this reason, we have designed barstools and chairs neatly decorated with numerous upholstery nails. To sophisticate their design, even more, we also added an original metal knocker. All in all, the combination of top-quality fabrics, durable materials and unusual adornments lead us to a spectacular design perfectly suitable for your New York room.

In a New York apartment, apart from luxurious chairs, barstools and sofas decorated with cushions, you also need to remember to use materials like glass and crystal. Choosing mirrored furniture by Primavera Home is a great way to illuminate the entire space. Our phenomenal coffee tables, dining tables, and bedside tables made with mirrored elements will give your living room and bedroom an exceptionally exclusive character. Do not be afraid to choose glass and mirrored accessories and decorations, such as crystal candlesticks. You can also adorn the walls with your favourite pictures and photos in mirrored frames that miraculously reflect the light given by elegant lamps and crystal chandeliers.


Your New York apartment

The New York interior designing style requires special care for details, selecting the best-quality furniture, and picking colours from a specific range. When arranging a New York room, remember to place plain fabrics in basic shades next to distinctive, eye-catching elements. Dare to choose geometrical patterns, and if you are fond of a more subtle effect, mix them with classic colours. In New York décor, the basis revolves around beige, white and grey, but you should not forget to juxtapose them with intense black and distinctive navy blue.

Pay special attention to the details in your New York style apartment. You can achieve a remarkable effect by choosing elegant lamps, crystal candle holders, and your favourite pictures in mirrored frames. To illuminate the space, go for mirrored furniture and accessories, which spectacularly reflect the light. If you want to accentuate the cosy atmosphere of your apartment, decorate the sofa and beds with many soft cushions.


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