The apartment with our furniture and lighting won the prestigious award !

The apartment with our furniture and lighting won the prestigious award !

Exclusive interiors are the passion that constantly drives us to strive for fascinating, unobvious solutions stunning with remarkable design and the finest quality. For these reasons, our glam furniture is appreciated not only among our customers. Professional interior designers also find with us what they have always been dreaming of.

Cle de Maison interior design studio selected furniture by Primavera Home to create a project that won the hearts of the Jury of International Design & Architecture Awards.


A modern interior design combining Art Deco with glamour

The designers of Cle de Maison decided to prepare a décor in the Art Deco style, which is characterised by many contrasts, a bounty of accessories and indisputable elegance. This style seems to be a definition of art in interior designing. For decades, it has been growing more and more popular among design aficionados. Now, you will find a reflection of the Art Deco style in the project by the Lithuanian designers.

The arrangement delighted the Jury of the competition to such an extent that it won the European Property Award for the season 2020-2021. Importantly, this award is perceived as a symbol of perfection in the interior designing world. The victorious project presents a modern, spacious apartment full of contrasts, patterns and colours. Inside, one can discover glamorous furniture by Primavera Home. Thanks to the highest quality of materials, stunning design and neat handcraft, our furniture effectively graced the winning project, accentuating its elegant and chic décor.

Not only the quality of the furniture amazes in this project. Marvellous colours and geometrically patterned adornments juxtaposed with classic elements also require a mention. Mixed, all of them gave the apartment a unique character. The attention is also drawn by the phenomenal moulding that will meet the highest expectations of the most demanding interior design fans.


Exclusive interior luxury and elegance reflected in the furniture by Primavera Home

The winning project catches the eye thanks to the stunning colours composition. In the apartment, classic shades meet strong and bold ones, creating impressive juxtapositions. Pristine white and elegant grey meet expressive and intense green. All of them are accompanied by timeless black full of wonderful depth. This picturesque combination is also adorned by elements in the colour of gold and silver that add even more luxury to this already exquisite interior.

An apartment with décor like this could not miss elegant furniture. Therefore, the designers decided to beautify the interior with our Enzo chairs and Adler barstools. Enzo stun with a subtle and chic grey colour contrasting with the richness of the golden legs. Adler chairs, in turn, impress with the intensity of black that makes the project bolder and more characterful. 

The Enzo chairs create a perfectly matching composition with our Antonio table, standing in one of the central spots in the victorious apartment. The breath-taking shape of the table resembles an endless, golden spiral, on the top of which there is a counter looking like iconic marble. The Oskar console table makes a similar impression, combining a chic, golden base and a beautiful, majestically marble top.

Our furniture and lighting were also used by the designers in the project of the bedroom. They appreciated the design of our Lorenzo bedside tables that stand out with their spotless, white structure, beautifully embellished with golden elements. Above the bed, there is one of our impressive crystal chandeliers.


The most beautiful interior design with Primavera Home

The project by Cle de Maison studio defines the highest-level taste. Chic combinations of colours, creative juxtapositions of patterns and the finest available materials all synergised and led the designers straight to the honour they achieved in the European Property Awards contest. The glamour furniture designed and manufactured in Poland by Primavera Home effectively brought out the sheer beauty of the apartment, adding to it more splendour and elegance on the masterful level. 

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