Warsaw Home 2017 fair

Warsaw Home 2017 fair

At the beginning of October 2017, the second edition of the popular interior design event was held, i.e. Warsaw Home 2017 . It is a great opportunity to feel like in Paris or Milan and present and admire real masterpieces of interior design.

Warsaw Home 2017 fair and Primavera Home participation

The opportunity to participate in such a fantastic event as Warsaw Home 2017 was a great honor for Primavera Home . It is also a great opportunity to present your products in line with many great and well-known interior design brands. Primavera Home producing custom-made furniture took part in this fair for the first time and it turned out to be a great success. We must admit that we ourselves were pleasantly surprised by the interest our exhibition aroused. Our custom-made furniture was admired, not only by numerous visitors, for pure passion for interior decoration, but also by industry professionals. Such a great success could not go unnoticed - immediately after the fair, we went to work with even greater enthusiasm. Thanks to this, our custom-made furniture has gained a new face, full of wonderful, creative ideas. We have also gone far beyond the scope of our previous activities. As a brand, we were known for creating Italian furniture . We have not given up on our roots, but have significantly expanded our product range.

Custom furniture Primavera Home

The opportunity to present our vision allowed us to create unique interiors. glamor furniture played a significant role in our fair exposition. Their beauty and clear workmanship have made them one of the greatest attractions for viewers. It is worth emphasizing that our designers did their best, creating in this style glamor furniture for the dining room, living room or bedroom. We also had a great opportunity to present modern custom-made furniture . Thanks to this, we were able to show that modernity does not have to be bland. On the contrary - the extraordinary finesse of our products gave the interior a new quality. Among our works you can find many innovative solutions. Our upholstered furniture is still very fashionable, so we decided to combine this trend with a unique interior style, which results in a glamor upholstered chair.

The Warsaw Home 2017 fair gave us a chance, not only to show our brand from the best side, but also proved that Primavera Home is worth presenting alongside the best brands in the world.


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