This unique apartment is only 75 m2!

The color scheme of the room is not accidental. Bright colors and mirrors optically enlarge the space and golden accessories give it a luxurious character.

The apartment has been designed in such a way that separate rooms create a coherent, harmonious whole. This was achieved thanks to the combination of light beige colors and rounded shapes of furniture such as: Antonio, Marco coffee table and Aviator sofa. KThe dot over the "i" that made the rooms gain value was the investment in gold, crystal chandeliers and sconces from Glamour and Empire collections nd the selection of luxurious furniture from Primavera Home. Both bedrooms are equipped with stylish bedside cabinets and a chest of drawers from the Lorenzo Gold collection , and Modern and Valentino beds complete the elegance. Insane lighting from . the Glamor collection in champagne gold has been used again. The choice of accessories is also not accidental - the colors and amount of gold, the style of bedroom table lamps and other accessories are a subtle addition and give an exceptionally warm character to a bright, sterile interior.

Each room creates a separate space, and then a single whole. It's all thanks to the use of the same colors, curtains, fabrics. It is worth paying attention to the uniform floor throughout the apartment.

The project was implemented by the design studio Miśkiewicz Design.