A unique, modern design with the latest Emporio collection! The corner, located in the central point of the house, has an impressive decoration on the back and the back, which makes it undoubtedly a spectacular impression. Quite a large space is filled by a comfortable and modern Round armchair. This rotating model is made of a light, stain-resistant fabric that resembles velvet in its structure. The whole is complemented by products with delicate, golden bases. The Ralph square coffee table is a great solution for corners, it allows you to freely use it from any place of rest. The modern Stripes rug adds coziness and chic to your lounge area!

In the lobby there is a gold Ralph console. Choosing products from the same collection always works in open spaces! This allows for consistency and balance.

The Kent table has a fairly similar base, so it fits perfectly into the dining area. The client chose black Tiffany chairs for it. With an open, bright space, large windows and black stones on the walls - the colors of the chairs turned out to be a hit!

Modern Rain chandeliers have become beautiful jewelry in the apartment. It is worth noting that the colors of the lighting are silver, as are the finishing elements of the visible kitchen, or even the silver decors of the chairs.

This is a perfect example that the combination of gold and silver in one interior is not bad - quite the opposite! It is interesting and original.