Subtle glamorous interior with classic elements. Cozy, subdued and spacious! The client focused on functionality and elegance. Having a small child, the client knew that the choice of bright fabrics from Primavera Home would keep it clean and quality for many years!

Very nice customers from a small town dreamed of having a small child - to live in an elegant and bright interior! They were looking for solutions to actually implement this project. So they decided on a comfortable and family one corner NERO with additional quilting. A great and practical idea was to choose an additional movable seat - which it is pouf Colleteit is eagerly used by the baby and other household members and at the same time beautifully complements the resting space. The client used a bright velvet fabric that is very resistant to stains and abrasion. After a few years, the furniture looks like new! The lady has found out many times that carrot juice or other coloring drink is not terrible for this fabric!. n the background we see a fold-out table ELEGANCE and shapely, small - and above all, light chairs Louis, on which for consistency - the same fabric. The amount of furniture and accessories in this interior is very subdued and comfortable for the mother and child.