The client of this apartment used the most fashionable trend at the moment. She combined grays with silvery fabrics and gold furniture finishes.

See the gallery and see for yourself that silver goes well with gold!

Gray is the main color of this apartment. High and spacious rooms allowed for the use of an original and unconventional arrangement. A large, bright space with a white stone floor has been combined with a steel, shiny fabric and golden accents. The use of silver accessories would introduce coolness and cold spaces. Perfectly balanced proportions of golden details resulted in a unique, warm and family interior!

The client enriched the white, high walls with stucco, which gave the space elegance and introduced the world of glamor. The choice of shiny fabric on the Queen corner and Modern chairsturned out to be a hit! Shell armchairs, which with their abstract shape introduced an interesting and modern design, but made of the same fabric, at the same time introduced harmony and coherence of the entire apartment.

In the high living room, the client used quite massive lighting from Empire collection: chandeliers and sconces. Mounted high, they are noticeable, but at the same time they do not overwhelm the room where the other gold elements are more delicate. As in the case of Marco coffee tables or the finishing of Marco chairs and stools – - the amount of golden elements is subtle and does not dominate the gray of the interior in a low space. The planned theme was also to use similar countertops on the floor.

In order to unify and designate the lounge and dining areas, the client used the same Classic Grey carpets. Thanks to the carpets, the stone floor and countertops in the same shade do not "blend" but refer to each other. The ART DECO table and Marco round tables have a conglomerate that is almost identical to the floor.

A separate room is the owner's office, which has exceptionally preserved the classic, subdued combination of gray and silver. This is a workspace only. The key was that the client often uses it with the door open. The choice of the same fabric on the office sofa, the Sorento mirror that also appears in the living room and the same model of the carpet - made the room harmonize with the rest of the apartment.