This interior is a unique transformation of an apartment in an old tenement house!

The client, out of love for the place and city where the apartment is located, decided to do the renovation on her own in an old tenement house without an elevator.

A fairy-tale interior was created from a total ruin! A classic, beautiful glamor apartment that has become an inspiration for others!

Boldly and tastefully! These adjectives best describe what the client did in this interior - without an architect! Mrs. Jolanta herself planned how to change the "old walls" and the layout of the rooms to create a unique, small but functional apartment design that will serve her whole family for years.

The colors of the rooms and furniture are colors that are characteristic of classic elegance and are perfect for glamorous interiors!

Throughout the house you can see the "female hand" and the pink color has become the leading accent of almost all details. Due to the fact that a man also lives in the house, the bedroom features slightly cooler, masculine colors such as navy blue. So that every member of the household feels good and comfortable having their own space.

Basically, every color goes well with gray – and each choice brings a different atmosphere and character of the interior.

Having to arrange not very large spaces, the client chose Primavera Home furniture, which, apart from beautiful design, is primarily functional. It is worth paying attention to classic Elegance extendable table n the center of the dining room. On a daily basis, it serves only the closest household members, but after unfolding - it will allow you to host another 4-6 people. The beautiful table is complemented by very comfortable and stylish Tiffany chairs with delicate silver decors.

The cohesion and harmony of the interior has been preserved by using other products from Elegance collection, which are consoles with mirror fronts. Mirrors gave even more chic and elegance, and by the way, they are a great solution for optically enlarging the room. The Nero corner is a typical couch, which makes the fabulous interior a warm family corner. The corner is foldable, and the fabric chosen by the client allows free use also by pets, such as the owner's dog and cat. It is worth noting that the corner sofa is made of the same fabric as the chairs and has the same upholstery nails.Placed a short distance from each other, they created one coherent connection. The mirror Chicago coffee table has drawers - the client made sure that every part of the room was as functional as possible. The choice of lighting is also not accidental - the same models of Maria Teresa chandeliers, Trinity table lamps and Flavio candlesticks were deliberately used. hese elements will continue to appear in the bedroom, where the gray color was also taken into account for consistency - as the base of each room.