The 2019 implementation is still highly recommended!

The universal colors and furniture of Primavera Home, despite the passage of time, still look as if they were installed yesterday. The universal base and Christmas accessories create a unique atmosphere.

Very nice Mrs. Angelika, she did not disappoint us again this year! We love seeing our projects after a few years, because it confirms the quality and durability of our furniture!
The pastel base allows you to create unique arrangements for any season, just a few accessories are enough to give the living room a festive atmosphere. Small changes create an amazing effect and you can change it to the spring or autumn version at any time by replacing red with another color.
We admire a very comfortable, family corner NERO in a velvet, stain-resistant fabric, which, despite its light beige color, still looks beautiful, even though it is the most frequently used piece of furniture in the living room!
Marcello coffee table, made of high-gloss stainless steel - which also looks like it over time new! A table from the Art Deco collection and Loren chairs, made of the same fabric, fit here perfectly. And our longest chandelier PESARO looks amazing in such high interiors. Fabrics and their colors create harmony throughout the apartment. In the bedroom withModern bed we also see the same fabrics. In the hall there is a beautiful set Michelle console from < b>Enea mirrorintroduces us to the beautiful world of glamor.
The entire apartment is complemented with beautiful accessories from Primavera Home in silver, white and lamps with crystal finish.