Extremely precise design! The client and the architect took care of every detail! Consistency, harmony and originality are the adjectives that best describe this apartment. It is worth daring to choose a non-standard color of chairs to get a unique effect!

This apartment has been selected as the Winner of the 2022 Competition. for the best interior with Primavera Home furniture! We are captivated by this sweet and elegant interior, which is distinguished by an extremely bold choice of fabrics. Usually, pink appears in accessories or on individual pieces of furniture, such as a pouffe or an armchair. The client of this apartment also used pink on chairs and stools - which turned out to be an extremely interesting and captivating choice! In the center of the living room there is a comfortable family lounge area with the Aviator collection. A comfortable, large armchair and a soft sofa is a place of exceptional relaxation for all household members. The space is complemented by a patterned Maroc carpet.For frequently used rooms, the perfect solution will be functional Marco coffee tables, which can be combined into one - and then gain more space. This is usually the case with a larger number of guests. From the perspective of the living room, we see a beautiful dining room, which is created by a Marcello glass table with a round base, harmonizing with the round shapes appearing in the living room. The cut-out backrests of the Greta chairs are a great complement to the dining space. In addition to the interesting design, this chair model is incredibly comfortable - the user with any figure will be happy with it! There are also semi-circular Marco stools in pink upholstery by the island. Have you noticed the finishing of the chairs from the beveled mirror side? The client made sure that when moving them away from the table - the knocker did not break a beautiful wall! Did you notice that knockers were installed only from the living room side? The long corridor uses mirror elements, which are a great solution for small, narrow spaces. The Chicago console and decorative Elise mirror was a very good choice! The whole interior is complemented by delicate, crystal accessories with pink, balanced accents. It is worth noting that the pink elements have the same shade.