A modern interior for many years! Choosing the colors of this arrangement will allow you to enjoy a beautiful and timeless look for a long time! Grey, steel, silver elements and black are undoubtedly a universal solution for the interior.

In the center of the living room we see an impressive family corner sofa with a sleeping function. The NERO corner sofa is the model most often chosen for modern, cozy interiors.

It is very comfortable, and the huge number of backrest cushions make it suitable for everyone! It will work well in any interior and style because it can be of different sizes, modifications or colors, we can adapt it to any preferences, even the most demanding ones.

The perfect complement to relaxation is a table of a similar form, the rectangular OSKAR coffee table.

Made of long-lasting elements such as stainless steel and conglomerate, it will serve for many years. The functional ALICE side table also fits perfectly into the living room space. It has the same finishing elements as the previous table and creates a harmonious whole.

Subtly incorporated black in the living room part leads to a slightly more intense dining room. The practical BOND table with a glass top combined with designer Cosmopolitan chairs create an interesting and unique space.

At the bar there are black, rectangular ADLER stools, which, thanks to the velvet black fabric of the same fabric as the chairs, create a common whole. It is also worth paying attention to their shape, which fits perfectly and harmoniously with the living room equipment.