Extremely atmospheric interior with an original selection of products. Various shapes have been beautifully integrated and combined in one space. This project deserves real recognition!

The client combined several styles in one apartment, which resulted in an original and unique project. The open space of the dining room with the living room is distinguished by a variety of shapes and at the same time creates a beautiful and coherent whole combined into a unique glamor interior. The semi-circular base in the art deco style of the VOUGE table and the round backrests of the MEDALION chairs are the dining area. From her perspective, we see a sofa with round armrests and a round coffee table, which already introduces elements of modern style in its base. Next to the sofa is a completely square, sharp-edged CONRAD GOLD table with Trinity glamor crystal lamps. In the background, there is a classic chest of drawers with an interesting, geometric finish of the fronts. It is worth paying attention to the extremely subtle use of antique elements: a mirror in a golden, decorative frame and a delicate black staircase. They introduce an interesting character, but have not become the "main point" of the interior. On the upper floor, there is a slightly more massive armchair, which in color harmonizes with the whole. This apartment is a perfect example that it is worth daring and using unconventional combinations - to be able to enjoy a unique and one-of-a-kind interior!