Precise selection of shapes, colors and furniture finishes - this is what characterizes the interior the most. Modern design combined with glamor elements is a unique proposition for original projects.

A beautiful apartment in a modern style is the perfect interior for everyone! The number of glamor accents is very balanced and integrated into comfortable and functional furniture. The NERO corner with sleeping function is located in the center of the living room, connected to the dining room. The Arabel carpet and CONRAD table collection smean that a separate "rest zone" for each household member appeared in its central space in its central point. Separate and immediately consistent because the colors are so universal that it does not differ from the rest of the room. The use of a uniform floor also allows you to create a coherent space. The fabric used on the corner is also animal -friendly, so even the owner's pet can freely use the holiday zone. In the background, behind the corner, a delicate CONRAD console, was used, which moves the subtle glamor to the other fragments of the house.

The owner used a fold -out ELEGANCE tablefor the dining room. PThe space allows you to spread it freely in the event of guests' visit. Above it appeared a subtle, crystal GLAMOR collection in silver. The minimalism of glamor elements used in this interior makes the whole delicate, feminine and consistent. In the upper corridor, the continuation of this lightness and harmony- here is only the Chicago console and ELISE mirror in silver, as well as the minimalist Ron scones hang, which are also at the bottom.Closed bedrooms are already an individual space of each household member.