Another example of an original combination: gray with gold! The small space has been beautifully and functionally arranged with Primavera Home furniture!

The round Antonio table and round LOUIS chairs to najlepszy wybór dla małych pomieszczeń. are the best choice for small rooms. They do not take up much space, and by the way they are convenient to walk around! The use of round Marco Gold tables with the same top made of conglomerate - perfectly harmonizes with the table. By the way, they are very practical, because a smaller table can be easily slid under a larger one, and in small rooms - it can be a great solution when meeting a larger number of guests.

Undoubtedly a shot in 10! was the choice of our Bestseller corner of the Emporio collection! It is a very modern model with beautiful original quilting on the sides and back. The backrest cushions of this corner sofa make it a cozy couch that you want to sit on right away!

The light floor gave the whole space lightness and coherence!