You don't need a lot of m2 to get a luxurious, beautiful interior!

In her small apartment, our client opted for optimal sizes and shapes of furniture and achieved an exceptionally comfortable effect.

The client opted for the most fashionable trend of combining gray and gold and gave her small space a unique style! In the living room combined with the dining room, she used furniture with oval, round shapes, which, apart from an interesting design, are convenient to use in small spaces.

In the living room, we can see a comfortable MADONNA gray and gold sofa and a functional MARCO GOLD coffee table. A set of these unique tables is a perfect solution for such interiors. In the event of a larger number of guests, a smaller table with a diameter of 60 cm and a height of 40 cm perfectly "hides" under a larger table of 80 cm with a height of 45 cm! This gives us more space! The tables are not interconnected, so a small table can also be used as a so-called side and set, for example, next to the sofa.

In the background we see a beautiful, small dining room. Here, undoubtedly, the use of the same fabric on the chairs as on the sofa allowed for the connection and cohesion of these two "zones".

Round shapes also influenced the harmony of this interior. The ANTONIO table with a diameter of 130 cm is an optimal product that can be used by 4 or even 6 people. The ENZO chair with an exceptionally simple but modern design perfectly surrounded the round table - at the same time not obscuring its beautiful values.

Crystal chandeliers and golden, shimmering accessories additionally beautifully emphasized the glamor style in the interior. The carpet and curtains gave the room a luxury and coziness.