An unconventional combination of colors and shapes at Mrs. Barbara's apartment. An interestingly arranged interior shows that it is worth daring to use intense colors in combination with subdued colors.

The client refreshed her classic New York interior with furniture and glamorous accessories. Already in the entrance there was a Criss Cross console with a light steel structure, complemented by beautiful crystal lamps. The high-gloss finish of the details added elegance and, despite the subtle forms, stands out against the contrasting background of the wall. From the entrance we see an open space of a kitchen combined with a dining room and a guest lounge. The whole thing was combined with a mint-turquoise color. A beautiful dining room with an extendable Queen table is decorated with Prince chairs in a shimmering fabric. Decors such as knockers or nails add a unique character and additionally decorate the space. The whole is complemented by a Maria Teresa crystal chandelier, which gives elegance and style. In the living room, turquoise accents on the pillows appeared on a bright sofa. The bright PADOVA rug added coziness and elegance to the lounge area, where practical Marco tables with a silver finish also appeared. Additional glamorous decorations appeared in the room, such as: a mirror tray, a glass cooler, crystal vases, candlesticks and frames with a shimmering silver finish. Both bedrooms, both the owner's and the guest's, have been arranged in a similar style. The main attention is drawn to the phenomenal quilted beds, made of a shimmering fabric - which emphasizes the glamor accent in the room. The Lorenzo silver collection of nightstands and chests of drawers fits perfectly into the space without dominating the whole. A typical bedroom Shell armchair and an Anselmo coffee table, made to order, created an additional relaxation zone in the room. The Quadro rug added coziness while combining it all together. It is worth noting that both bedrooms and the ground floor have the same table lamps and decorations, which allows you to maintain the harmony of the entire apartment.