A spacious apartment arranged in a glamor style. The client has accumulated the latest interior design trends in a cozy interior!

Beautiful, chic and distinctive interior! Already at the entrance to the house, the bright, large space delights. The luxury LV Collection console in gold is a shot at 10! It is definitely a good product idea that makes a huge impression! The client used modern hanging lamps and a semi-circular mirror over it. The wall is decorated with delicate beige wallpaper, which in combination with the colors of the walls warms up the white stone parquet. The beautiful built-in white furniture has an elegant rosette, which also appears on the wings of the internal doors. Mrs. Kinga also used stucco in the rooms, which adds style to the whole and accentuates the glamor style used. In the hospitable zone there is a comfortable Aviator sofa, which can be folded out and will serve as an additional place to stay if necessary. Before resting, MARCO coffee tables with a round shape were used, which do not interfere with the passage to the guest dining room. It is worth paying attention to the selection of semicircular shapes in the room. The Art Deco console, the Alice side table with the SILVIA lamp and the round Glamor chandelier in gold introduced harmony. The visible dining room also has GRETA chairs with a semi-circular backrest. The light beige fabric used on the chairs is the same as in the sofa - which allowed to connect the space. The classic dining room has been arranged with basic equipment. In the center there is an impressive size, foldable QUEEN table with golden decorations and a capacious Venice chest of drawers with mirror drawers. Above the dining room, a Glamor chandelier and Lucernario sconces were used, which create a harmonious team. A phenomenal position in the dining room, giving additional charm, is undoubtedly the Paris lamp with white feathers and the large Vena mirror, which optically enlarges the room. Moving on to the part of the house used every day by the household members, we notice a slight transition of colors from beige to light gray. The parquet seamlessly combines both colors and the color of the walls and curtains facilitated this procedure. In a large bright kitchen, the client used a stone island with more gray veins. It is a great combination with the emerging zone - a dining room combined with a large family rest area. The round Antonio table is 130 cm long and is sufficient for a family of 4. Comfortable Louis chairs perfectly complement the shape of the round table top. The comfortable BIANKA corner sofa with golden slats appeared just outside the dining room. The whole creates a small, but cozy, family corner for everyday use. The phenomenal EMPIRE chandelier appeared in the central point, which, apart from the lighting function, became a unique decoration of the room.