Glass mosaic images

Glass mosaic pictures as a foolproof method to achieve a stunning effect

One of the best methods to achieve a décor with a unique character is decorating it with mosaic images. This unconventional solution every time leads to an eye-catching and fascinating effect, combining a lot of small square elements into one big image. Because of their glass surface, the squares miraculously reflect the light, looking stunning.
If you are fond of mosaic and want to take a step further, you need to discover glass mosaic pictures available in Primavera Home. Each of them is unique and presents an iconic figure or imitates a famous artwork. In our online furniture shop, you will find mosaic images in colour and black and white ones. All you need to do is choose the mosaic that will fit your décor best, and we will do our best to amaze you with the quality and neatness of our glass mosaic pictures. They are made by hand in art studios, and our specialists do their utmost to take care of all the tiniest details.

Marilyn Monroe, Napoleon or Sunflowers by Van Gogh? Choose your ideal glass mosaic picture

In Primavera Home online furniture shop, you will find and explore several mosaic images of different kinds. Some of them present the faces of iconic people, whereas others are imitations of the most famous and admired paintings by art masters. Which of our glass mosaic pictures will suit your taste best and spectacularly complement the décor of your glamour apartment?
For the fans of iconic figures, we have designed mosaic images presenting Marilyn Monroe, Napoleon and Buddha. These most famous faces are reflected in hundreds of tiny glass squares combined to create a picture of impressive sizes that makes a breath-taking impression. If your dream is to design an apartment that all your guests will remember forever, you should choose a glass mosaic picture with the icons of history and culture mentioned above.
In Primavera Home, we also offer mosaic images presenting the most spectacular and famous artworks. If you love art and paintings, explore our glass mosaic images that copy the Terrace or Sunflowers by Van Gogh. Do not forget to check the imitation of the Kiss by Gustav Klimt as well.
Among our glass mosaic pictures, there is also one for those customers looking for religious images. These mosaics are made in hand on order, and they present selected Bible icons.

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